Can You Love Me For What I am?

Liliana Jade has a secret. But when the new guy moves to town and won't stop till he gets to know her will Liliana break under the pressure and reveal her secret or end up hurting the one she loves most?


1. What I Am

My name is Lilliana Jade. I was born in London, England therefore developing my British accent. We moved to the United States in 1855 when I was nine. I am 17 now. The years as of right now is 2012. I have been 17 for 148 years. And yes I am a vampire. 
     I'm not some fictional vampire that sparkles in the sunlight and gets burned by holy water. I live in the real world where sunlight burns us and the only ways we can die are a steak through the heart, being burned alive, or being decapitated.  
     Although I'm different from other vampires. I can walk in the sunlight otherwise known as a jaywalker. The only way I can walk in the sunlight is if I wear my ring. It was passed down for many centuries through my family. Going to the first born daughter of the family. There was another one as well that went to the first born son. Fortunately I only have one brother. His name is Damian he is also a vampire and has been 21 for 148 years. I haunt seen him in about 10 years but we manage to keep in contact through telepathy. Last I heard he was in Europe dining with the rich. He managed to keep a good living wherever he went. 
    Now I'm not going to lie and say I only drink animal blood because that is not true. It harder to maintain that type of lifestyle than those goons from Twilight make it look like. I've tried it before...and that only lasted 3 weeks. But I don't murder people either. I get my blood from blood banks around the world as selfish as it may seem, but it's either that or killing innocent people, which would cause a major uproar in the police department. 
     I live alone in an old abandoned mansion in the woods. And it's not what you think it isn't all boarded up and dirty and dusty. Actually it is really pretty. With it's big mahogany door and brick outside it looked like it was a house that belonged in a movie. 
     I look over a the clock and see it's 11:45 I was so tired from restocking last night. Taylor scheduled a cheerleading practice at 12:00 so I better start getting ready. I roll over to the other side of my king size bed and sit up. I could already tell the sun was shunning bright even through my dark violet curtains. I get up and walk into my closet and grab my red uniform and slip into it vaguely aware that I forgot to put my ring on. I walk to the bathroom and run my brush through my long dark brown curls. I brush my teeth then take one last look in the mirror making sure the veins underneath my eyes weren't showing signaling that I was was different but also that I was having cravings. But all I could see in the mirror were my electric blue eyes with an almost hauntingly beautiful face underneath them. I step out of the bathroom and walk back into my bedroom accidentally letting my hand hit the small patch of sunlight that managed to peep it's way through my curtains. "Damnit!" I mumble softly as my hand singes in the sun and I pull it away abruptly watching the wounds heal before my eyes. Within a matter of seconds it looks as if the wounds were never there. As I have it freshly in my mind I walk over to my and take my ring and slip it on my finger. It was a blue gemstone held together by a silver band. After that I walk over to my curtains and open them without even hesitating opening them and bathing the room in it's warm light.
    I grab my cheerleading bag and sling it over my shoulder then walk out of my room and down the grand staircase and out the door into the sunlight.
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