Live While We're Young

Lottie is a 16 year old crazed fan of One Direction. She sends One Direction an email and is really surprised when she gets a reply. She realises that she loves Harry, but Zayn also loves her. A fatal car crash changes everything and an old nightmare comes back......... Read on to find out what happens xxx


1. Ummmmm.............



Subject: Hiiiiii

Date: Fri, 23 Jan 15:33


Dear One Direction,


Oh my God, it feels so weird that I am writing to you. I never thought I ever would. It feels like I know you guys even though we haven't met. Ok, I need to tell you one thing - You've got that one thing!!!!! I loveeeeeeeee you guys. This will sound really weird but when you're singing, it feels like you're singing to me.  You're probably thinking while you're reading this, (if you are, you must have TONS of emails a day!), she's so weird. I don't mind if you think that cos that's just meee!!!

I have tried for ages to get tickets to your concert. They have all been sold out. It must feel so cool to get loads of people loving you and wanting your autograph and hugs and kisses. I've been to a signing. I was the last ever one in the queue in London. I almost couldn't get my stuff signed otherwise I would miss the train back to Cheshire. I supported Harry when he was in the X Factor. I'm not saying I didn't support the rest of you as well!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I've got to go now, the computer in the library needs to be used for homework, not emailing you..... oops!!


Hope you read it and enjoy it,

Lottie xxx




Subject: RE: Hiiiiii

Date: Sat, 24 Jan 12:01


Hi Lottie,

Thanks for emailing, you seem really nice. Where do you live in Cheshire? I live in Holmes Chapel. Anyway, it's a lot of pressure having all these girls loving you, they expect sooooo much from you. We still can't believe that we are that famous, it's just unreal. If you want to know what we are doing right now is that Niall is threatening Liam with spoons. Ow, I just got hit by one!!!!! I think I'll go now, I'm gonna stop Niall.


Hope you get some tickets!

Harry xxxxx

P.S. Do you go to church on a Sunday? Because I did a song with a girl called Lottie in church before I was famous. Oh, those were the days... ;)

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