Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


5. Hidden Truths and Wants

~ Candy’s P.O.V.

Jackie’s surprising and warming appearance made me feel happy. For once. Before our enchanting reunion, I was having the fucking worst day ever. Drew had hit me. Wow, big surprise. I bought a black and coral pink strapless push-up bikini from Victoria’s Secret. I would wear it for our trip to the beach we would soon be on our way to. When he saw it he rummaged through it, like a police officer looking for drugs. When he found my bikini he smiled. He threw it at me.
“Put it on.” He demanded. I felt like a sex slave. When I put it on, and came out his eyes bulged. He jumped up and pounced on me. Within seconds he pressed his lips on mine. I tried not to resist. I fought back tears. He shoved his tongue into my mouth, while rubbing my breasts.
“Stop… Please” I whimpered pathetically.
“You want me badly.”
“I used to…”
“Nothing!” I exclaimed.
“Hmph,” He mumbled. He picked me up and kept kissing me. Then, threw me on the bed, and started to take off the bathing suit.
“Drew, please no!”
He ignored me. And started kissing me. My lips, my jaw, sucked on my neck painfully, and then he worked his way to my breasts, my stomach, and then… my lower regions. He shoved his tongue in me repeatedly. I screamed out in excruciating pain. I never felt so vulnerable. Then, I finally decided to base all guys on Drew’s image. I felt so taken advantage of. After he finished I spoke,
“I don’t like this, I never do.”
“Yes you do, trust me. I know how to blow your mind, which I just did.” He said cockily while chuckling.
“Yes you did!” I said excitedly.
“You amaze me Drew.” I said dreamily.
“I know.”
“I never knew men could treat women the way you do. Take advantage of them. Rape them----”
Just as I was speaking triumphantly and preached on his dastardly behavior he punched me in my stomach. The air was knocked out of me. I was desperate for air. He fell to his knees.
“I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! I’m sorry! But you deserved it! You know it! Just stop being so fucking hard-headed!!” His remorse instantly turned into rage.
“I’m leaving!”
“No you’re not Candice.”
I knew he hated when I was arrogant and “conceited”
“I’m too beautiful and too worthy to be with you!” I said trying to believe my act. He fell for it.
“YOU? Beautiful? HA! You see how fat you are?!!”
I knew I was pretty. I knew my size was perfect. It was just him degrading me. I could not believe it. I would not.
“You know I’m telling the truth.” I tried to smile cockily.
“You ate McDonald’s earlier, right? He said.
“Yeah, dumbass. With you.” I replied.
He jumped to hit me. “Come.” He grabbed my hair and took me to the bathroom. And when we reached the bathroom he threw me in front of the toilet.
“What? You want me to take a shit in front of you?”
He handed me a toothbrush. I was still lost. He stuck it in his mouth and pretended to gag.
“What are you trying to say? You’re a closet bulimic--- Oh. No Dre---” I was too late he positioned me in front of the toilet and shoved the toothbrush down my throat. I gagged loudly. Every time he’d take it out so I would throw up, I would scream an inhumane scream praying someone would hear me. God please help me. Nothing. After my body would just gag and not vomit, he stopped.
“We’re leaving. Get dressed and fix your hair. You look like shit.” I staggered up. My throat felt bruised and beaten.
I did my hair and make up and put on my bikini.
I covered up the bruise as best I could.
When I looked at myself, I looked perfect. And no I’m not being conceited. I thought to myself. “Am I fat? Maybe I should stop eating…” I seriously thought about it. Then, I literally laughed at myself and thought, “Nahh I love food too much!”

~ Jackie’s P.O.V.

It started to get late, and everyone gave me their numbers: Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Bella, and Candy. I loved the boys they were amazing. They were all sweethearts. They told me what people classified each of them as: Louis was the leader, Harry was the flirt, Zayn was the vain one, Liam was the nerd of the bunch and Niall was the funny one. He deserved that title because Niall was hilarious. He told me once that he had a dream that all the food in the world was gone and that he woke up crying. Harry and Louis were absolutely funny. They told me they have matching his and hers blankets. Harry has the pink one and Louis has the blue one. Liam didn’t talk much. He smiled a lot. He had an adorable smile. Zayn didn’t talk to me that much. Just stared at me. Not in a flirting manner either. In a monotonous way. As we packed up we all exchanged numbers, we all promised that we would soon hang out again. I thought it was cute when I made Niall blush because I caught him staring at Candy. Damn, watch those two hook up. That would make two couples that are going to date. Don’t I feel like a loner. I wanted the girls to stay over. It would make the best first day back to America ever!
“How did you get here?” I asked the two girls.
“Drew.” Said Candy.
“Parents.” Replied Bells.
“Then it’s settled… Sleepover at my house!” I squealed.
“YES!!!!!!!!!!” They screamed. The boys laughed. As we walked in front of the guys Candy whispered,
“You know they’re staring at our asses right?” She giggled.
“Hey I didn’t work out vigorously and faithfully at the gym for nothin’ right?” I said jokingly. Bells slapped my ass. Aww, how I missed her perverted self.
“Oooh! I can tell!” She said.
We all laughed.
“Are you guys ready to see the sexiest car in zee world!? I said in a Russian accent.
“YEAAAH!” They yelled. When I showed them they had my same reaction when I first saw it.
“It gets better! Watch! Stay here!” As I hopped in I and took down the top.
“Jack its fucking sexy!” Bell said.
“Thanks!” I said.
The boys were talking at the entrance. I put on my sunglasses and drove up to them and said
“Bye guys!”
“Til next time we hang out!” Louis said. They all agreed and waved so cheesy. Zayn gave me an awkward smile. In return, I smiled. I secretly couldn’t wait to see them. Especially with Bella and Candy. I loved them all so much. I couldn’t wait to show the girls my new and improved life, and I couldn’t wait to tease Bella about Harry and Candy about Niall. This was the best day ever.
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