Shades of Red

My very first poem. Written for the BIG poetry competition.
Took the vid. down to get it updated to the latest version of the poem. It will be back up soon.


1. Shades of Red


Shades of Red.



Swept away by a crimson curtain

I was caught in the tragedy, uncertain.

Living in the play, wearing a mask of innocence,

I enact my own pain within my inexistence.

Bathed in light in the lonely ring

I feel my heart soar and the music begin.

So I dance ahead on the tips of my toes,

with rehearsed grace deceiving my foes.

Reaching above me I start my ascend,

my faithful trapeze and my heavenly end.


Blinded by the scarlet spotlight,

I need not see to bear my plight.

My truth is hidden by sparkling sequins,

There is no me but this airborne princess.

I twist and turn above astonished faces,

but deep inside I dream of better places.

I am lost in the moment wanting to be free,

This life only brought enslavement to me.

I dare not breathe as I loosen my hold,

through this fall my truth will be told.


Ahead is only carnelian dirt,

awaiting my body as I'm swallowed by hurt.

I wont wear this cursed mask or live in this play,

I've embraced the shadows, my pain held at bay.

Even as I plummet, I wont be earthbound,

I will be in heaven when I reach the ground.

The spotlight follows but cannot keep up,

the music grows silent all comes to a stop.

My inner twilight has met it's demise,

It's like mommy said Come death I'll be wise.

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