When I met One Direction

Elizabeth (aka Lizzy) and her friend Riane (diane but with and r) didn't expect anything out of the ordinary when the moved to London so when they run into the Biggest British Boy band in the world how do they react and how does Lizzy does Niall fall for her?.... and do Riane and Zayn fall in love?


1. Waking Up Riane

Lizzy's Point Of View

I was driving to Riane's house on a normal Sunday morning with all my stuff. Me and Riane were moving to London. I had grown up in London and we moved when I was thirteen so I had a British accent. I had turned eighteen last week and finished collage before the summer started, it was September 23.

I finally got to her house and I walked in. Yeah I know 'why didn't you knock?', well if I had knocked she wouldn't have answered and I would be standing at her door yelling her name like and idiot.

So I walked in and walked right into her kitchen and filled a glass with ice cold water and walked into her room and set it down on her dresser and walked over to her and 'awe she looks so peaceful... too bad' I thought to myself shrugging, this really was evil but, hey, that's just me. I shook her and yelled, "Riane wake up!" She didn't move I sighed and yelled louder, "Riane wake up or you're not coming to London!"

Still nothing, sighing I grabbed the glass of ice cold water and said loudly, "I don't want to have to dump this glass of ice cold water on you, girlie!"

Nothing, sighing I dumped it on her face and jumped back quickly waiting for half a second before she shot out of bed and turned to me and yelled, "What the hell?"

I rolled my eyes and laughed a little, "It was the only way to wake you up," I laughed a little more. "We have to go now. We have to be in Buffalo by one or we miss the flight and we won't get to London!" She got up and pushed me back as she grabbed a towel and walked to her bathroom to get in the shower.

"That wasn't funny Lizzy!" She shouted to me.

"Actually it kind of was. You need a shower!" I shouted back and started gathering up her things and stamping them with her information for at the airport.

Even though my dad is letting us use his private jet, he insisted we do this so it doesn't 'look weird' at the airport. I swear he's delusional.  

So I packed up Riane's stuff into my car and grabbed myself a doughnut from her cupboards and a glass of milk and waited for her to finish her shower.

About ten minutes later she was done, dressed and we were in my car ready to go.

We had just crossed the border into the States and I put my One Direction CD in and we started singing along. Before we knew it, we were pulled up in the terminal of my dad's private jet and they were loading our luggage onto the plane.

It was a long flight and me and Riane choreographed a dance to 'What Makes You Beautiful' by none other than One Direction our favourite boy band ever.

By the time we had to go back to their seats so that we could land we had it perfected and we were gonna perform it at the country club I had grown up near.

We were super excited and were gonna practice there two days after we got to our house and had settled in and gotten the car my dad paid for.

We got to our house  with all the stuff  it was nine pm and we were tired so we just grabbed our pillows and fell asleep on the couches.

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