Best Movellas, Best authors, and Best songs

Its not really about humour, but I didn't know what category to put it under, if I put it under "other" nobody would look at it so....

Every time I can, I will add a new chapter to this. One chapter will consist of one of my favourite Movellas, also the best author, and songs that are in fashion at the moment. Hope ya like!


1. 1st chappy chapter

Best Movellas:

I think that at the moment, the best movella is......

Wild Child's amazing...... The loser and the Bully!

It is really good. Its about-well, I'll just show you the resume:

Resumé Crystal a.k.a The Loser is well... a loser. She can't walk through the hallway without being tripped. Everybody laughs about what a geek she is and her worst enemy is Sarah, the school's popular girl and Jake, the school's bully, who has been picking on Crystal the most lately. But soon she will see that there is more to him than just bullying. Jake a.k.a The Bully. He's the group 'leader' and bullies people thinking he's so cool. Now his main target is Crystal. But one night, he realises that she's different... in a goo way. But everybody knows that the Bully and the Loser don't go together. Will they get along?

I hope you like it! I sure do!


Best Author

I'd say that at the moment, the person I am crazing about, the profile I am constantly on her profile, the person I am constantly reading her movellas, is.......

Briony♥ !

Here is a bit about her:

I love to write fiction! whether its poems, stories, plays.... i just love it :D Oh and I love THG and TW. And my celeb crush is Josh Hutcherson. Good pieces I am currently writing are Hush and Electi. Please read both! Especially Electi, even thoough there's not many chapters so far I've been planning it for months! xxx (Former Pen Name was BRich x)

Briony♥ has 9 movellas (which are amazingly good), 16 fans (though she should have way more). My favourite movella of hers has to be Life according to Lola. Its hilarious with a hint of cringe. It has 634 views so far. I hope you love her as much as I do!


Coolest song (well I think so)


At the moment I am obsessed with Ed Sheeran. He is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I have bought his CD, and I have been listening to it ALL THE TIME. My favourite Ed Sheeran song has to be Grade 8. Here's the link:


Over and out (for now x)

♥lovin the hearts♥


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