Wordless Production

One of my favourite things about writing is that you are given the chance to put things that are not words such as music and feelings, into words. This is my attempt to bring some of those wordless things to life. My poetry is a bit rusty but I hope you like it. This is my entry for the poetry competition.
Just in case you don't understand: 1st paragraph is on music and the beginning of a show in the theatre, 2nd paragraph is feelings and the costumes at the theatre, 3rd truth and lies, the ending of a show and the moral of the play and life.
I wrote this in the style of a theatre because I thought it was similer to real life. There is a beginning, middle and end. People try to be someone they are not and change who they are (therefore the costume part of the poem). If this does not make sense to you I aplologise. This is the first time I have felt the need to explain the meaning of a poem I have written, but this is also the first time I have tried to get a meaning across.


1. Living Theatre

Raise the curtain as silence descends,

Ready for a time of make believe and pretends,

Behind the silk and glitter is a world you never knew,

Of insecure actors and music too true,

The tunes set the pace and the suspense,

Arousing emotions stirring but not making sense,

A melody speaks to your soul with notes,

Some in harmony others at companion’s throats,

Motivating, soulful and haunting,

But it’s sentiment and power is daunting,

Music is the language of the eternals,

Commanded by a swaying stick its memory recorded in journals,

Living would be dull and grey without its pitch,

A bleeding wound without a stitch,

Spotlight concentrates at the end of the beat.

"Ladies and gentlemen please take your seat,"

Step back and enjoy the production,

In life real and fake there is no instruction,


Masks hide what’s underneath,

Like false smiles through clenched teeth,

Salty tears staining cheeks,

Right eye happiness, left leave pain streaks,

Cover your sobs; nothing can quieten the cries,

Gasping laughs twinkling eyes,

Nothing beats uncontrollable chuckles,

Petrified witless means whitened knuckles,

Apprehensive shock or bated breath,

Enthusiastic cheers or stone cold death,

Costumes or camouflage don’t change inside,

Where thoughts are free, a need to decide,

Whether you wish it or not you are always you,

Despite acting another, life is never through,

Theatre is following pre written speech,

Natural instinct or able to teach,

Theatre is unrealistic plots and dangers,

Life is never put on hold for awed strangers.


Is my grin payment or prize?

Old or new lies are lies,

Twisted truths, made up fact,

Caring soul or just an act?

If indeed so,

Take a bow at the end of show,

Drop the red curtain appreciate the applause,

Knowing that my tears are what you cause,

To fly you must first let yourself fall,

Maybe that was your motive after all,

The reality is, life is a show,

Stay in the spotlight or hide in the shadow,

You play a part with or without a script,

Either friend or foe could give you the slip,

Whatever you think, wherever you are,

Pay attention to the moral near or far,

You will get no where if you don’t persist,

But never give up a chance to truly exist.

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