Summer Vacation

Maddi is one of the quiet girl with a talent.Summer is coming up and there is a competition at her school a week before. Her frinds love One Direction so they all sign up for Battle of the Bands at her school. The grand prize is the world tour with One Direction. She isnt to excited to meet them. See how one youtube video changes her life. Read More!


1. Band Practice

"I dont even want to do this stupid Band thing", I said under my breath.

The school Battle of the Bands were coming a week before summer break. My freinds signed all of us up for it. The winner got to tour with One Direction. My friends are madly in love with them. Its so irratating. Its all they ever talk about! I dont say anything mean about them or my friends might just push me off a cliff. Basicaly, the only song from them I heard is the "What Makes You Beautiful",song. My friends force me to listen to it. So I get to sing "What Makes You Beautiful". Yay! Just what I wanted (not). All my friends tell me I'm a good singer so I "needed", to sing.I never took lessons. All my friends took lessons for my instraments. I acctualy wasnt taught to sing, play piano, or play guitar, I just taught myself. Then I got pretty good.

Right now I'm in choir. Do you know what makes it even better? The popular girl, Caitlyn. She has clamed to have dated One Direction's Harry Styles. Oh what ever! She always makes fun of my quietness and awkwardness. Ok, you could say that I was incecure about myself too.

I slipped into the back row of choir trying to avoid Caitly. Of course she notices.

"Hey ugly girl!", she yells across the room.

She walks up to me and pulls my hair.

"Fag", she wispers.

I just roll my eyes cos she's the fag. I am so glad choir is my last period! But then again we are going to practice the song for the Bands comotition so theres acctually realy nothing to look forward too.

Basicaly choir was all about up coming events, such as the choir performance. By the time we got done with vocal warm ups, it was already time to pack up and leave.

I run right of the classroom ignoring the rude coment from Caitly, thank you very much, and head right for my locker. i needed to get there before the kid that had the bottom locker. I turn the dial, 12 22 94 which is my birthday. I get my stuff and head out to meet my friends neer the bus stop.

"Guys we totaly need to win this thing", Anna shouts.

"Totaly lets get to practice", Taite exclaimed.

We all head over to our cars and drive over to my house. My house isnt really big. All it is is a one story for me and my mom and older brother. My dad is always on business trips so we dont really see him. I open my garage. My garage is totaly empty so we all just set up our instraments in there. There are drums in the back and the bass in the left and and the back up singers mic is on the right. Im on center stage. My friend Anna plays the bass and Aubrey plays the drums and cowbell at the same time. My friend Taite sings back up. We are a pretty good band. We dont make up our songs we just practice different songs and preform on my garage. The whole neighborhood comes and my brother video tapes us and put us on youtube. His vids go viral but its not like we're famous. So every time we preform he brings is camera out and video tapes us preform to the crowed.

"You guys ready for the preformance", my brother Max asks.

"As ready as I will ever be", I say quietly as every one eles answers yes in a chorus.

Max opens the garage and pushes play on the camera. Anna starts to play the base with Aubrey while she is hitting the cowbell. I start to sing.

Your incecure

Dont know what for,

Your turnin heads when you walk through the do-o-or,

Dont need makeup,

To cover up,

Being the way that you are is eno-o-ough,

everyone eles in the room can see it,

Everyone eles but yo-ou

T aite comes in with Aubrey on the drums.

Baby you light up my world like nobody eles,

the way that you flip your hair gets me over whealmed

but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell,

You dont kno-o-ow you dont know your beautiful,

if only you saw what I could see you'd understand why I want you so desperately\

Right now I'm lookin at yoiu and I cant believe

You dont kno-o-ow,

you dont know your beautiful oh oh oh

thats what makes you beautiful.

We had to cut the song short because the performance hat to be a certain amout of time. Everyone around the neighborhood had gathered atside the garage as we were preforming. Max looked back at the croud with the camera and back at us. I smiled at the preformance because i had fun. To tell you the truth, that song is catchy.

Max closed the garage and head inside to edit and upload the video. My friends and I gathered in a group hug.

"We are totaly going to rock this thing", Aubrey shouted gleefuly.

It was time for them to go so they all headed out to there cars. It was around 7:00 when we preformed. We decided to play at that time because we would have enough time after school to practice then preform then. It was almost summer so the days were becoming longer so it was still light when we preformed. I just ran up to my room to get ready for bed. I wanted to go to bed early tonight cos I was so exhausted from practice.

I whent into my room and picked out a pink tanktop and some sweatpants. I then brushed my teach and washed my face. i just looked myself in the mirror."Am I really ugly, or is she just being mean?", i asked myself. I left the bathroom and hopped in the bed. I turned off my lamp and fell fast to sleep.

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