Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


6. Not the last time you hear from Briella Miller.

"The winner of the X-Factor 2012 is.." McDermott exaggerates.. "Harriet Greenbrook." He announces. I walk out of Nicole's (my mentor) hands and gives a big congratulations hug. "I'm so happy for you." I whisper into her hair. "You were amazing. Thank you for the great time here." she pulls back wiping a tear from her green eyes. As Harriet walk back stage, they play a montage of my time in the X-Factor. All the live shows, everything. I let a tear fall from my eye. I really enjoyed this experience. "Is this the last we see from you?" McDermott asks. "No. Definatly not the last time. I have a journey ahead of me." I say into the microphone. "Thank you Briella, for making a lasting impression on us here at the X-Factor." McDermott tells me. I nod and walk off stage. I was going home. Finally. I missed everyone.


-2 years later- (SORRY FOR THE SKIIP.)

"Welcome Briella!" George greets me. "Ello babe." I smile, fixing my little red dress. "Don't you look dashing?" He says. "You look fit yourself." I wink. "hahaah." he laughs. "So, your about to go on your European tour? Are you excited?" He asks. "Well, yeah, I mean it's my first tour for pete's sake." I laugh. "So, I'm sure a lot of girls ask this, what is it like hanging out with One Direction? And more specifically, what is it like being Harry Styles' fiancee?" He asks. "Well, it's very hectic, I never get peace, either Louis and Niall are making some burnt up piece of crap or they're fighting over a seat on the couch." I laugh. The audience laughs and so does George. "And, well, being with Harry is amazing, he's such a kiss up though. But he is amazing, he's sweet and just perfect." I smile. "Ohh. So for Katie, what is it like for her?" He asks. "Well, as a lot of people know, when I first met them, I could not stand them, I wanted to punch them for everything they did. But Katie, she was one of the most obsessed directioners I have ever seen. She had all her stuff accessorized as One Direction. And she love Louis, she always tells me how he makes her laugh, and a bit of freak in bed." I laugh. "Well, what was the X-Factor experience like for you? And what possessed you to try out?" George asks. "X-Factor, was the second best thing next to the boys, it was very fun, I made some lifetime friends on that damned show." everyone laughs at my comment. "Well, one day, Harry and the guys thought it'd be a good idea to bring me along on stage. I was reluctant because I wasn't part of it or I didn't go through what they did, but they told me it would be fun, so Harry dragged me onstage, and afterwards, um, Harry told me he was going to force me on. But I never win our fights, so it was no use, so, I just went and did it." I smile at him. "Ahh, so what's your favourite song on your album?"   "It would have to be, Heart Beats. I just love the beat in that song." I smile. "So how'd you handle the hate from the One Direction fans?" George asks. "Not to well actually, I took it pretty badly, I mean, I would never do anything to hurt Harry, and if I do I give permission for directioners to personally murder me." I smile into the camera.




Yes, I am famous. But I never let one piece of fame get to my head. I stayed my stupid, mean, bubbly self. I was going on European tour, and the boys are going on they're Take Me Home tour too. Just four more years to me and Harry getting married. Ronnie and Liam are dating, Niall and my great friend from New Jersey are having a long distance. Apparently they have been video-chatting everyday, and what not. As for Katie and Louis, they are getting married in a year. Katie is expecting a baby. But that was just a scare. Thank god for that. Me and Harry have been very, sexual lately.. It was odd. But I am a popstar thanks to my little Hazza. Don't you dare worry, One Direction is still at the top of the charts, and are still as big as they we're when they had Up All Night. I was fourth in the charts, I'm getting big, but the boys are on top. And I want them to stay on top. :)





(A/N: Nope this is not the last chapter. Don't worry, (: )



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