Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


8. Kouis Millerson Wedding

Katie breathed in and out as she was getting ready for the wedding. Today was March 12, 2016. Katie was sweating a river. "Katie, please calm down!" I ask, knowing it wouldn't work. I was her maid of honor. She kept on rushing back and forth. "KATIE!" I say. "ugh." I say, reaching my hand out to slap her. "OW! Briella!" she whines. "Calm down! You'll be okay." I say. "Briella I'm so scared.." She holds onto me. "Do you love him?" I say holding onto her shoulders. "Mmhmm." she nods. "Will you always be faithful to him?" I ask. "Yes." she nods. "Then you'll be okay.." I say. I smiled at my beautiful sister. In her eggshell wedding dress, and black pumps, her wavy blonde hair tied up in a bun and a braid surrounding it. She looked stunning. I felt tears threatening to fall. My sister, the one who was always there for me, the one who loved me, the girl who made me laugh, cry, and smile. She was leaving. "Briella?" she comes over to me. "Babe, what's wrong?" she asks. "I'm gonna miss you." I cry. "Aww." she hugs my head. "Briella, it's okay. I promise." she kisses my head. "Remember that time Avery and Dad fell in the shark infested water?" she smiles. "yeah." I laugh, wiping at tear away. "And that time, Butchy chased that rabbit?" I laugh. "Mhmm. he fell into that hole it went into." she laughs. "And, that picture we painted of Me, you, mom, dad, and Avery?" She says. "Yeah." I smile at the ground. "You know how we we're all close together?" she asks. "Yeah.." I say. "We will always be lie that. Even though we are a broken family. We will always be so close like that." she smiles into my eyes. "I love you so much Katie." I say. "Briella I love you more than you could ever think." she kisses my head. I feel a warm tear fall onto my head. Just then the music plays. "Go," I make out. "Thank you Briella." she smiles. "For what?" I ask. "Being the most beautiful and talented sister I could ever have." and with that she leaves. I cry harder.

I walk out the back way, and find the seat next to Harry. I hear Niall, Zayn, and Liam crying behind me. "Harry.." I look up. "yeah?" he asks. "I'm gonna miss them so much." I wipe a tear. "Same here." he smiles weakily down at me. Then Moments play. I see Katie and Louis crying, Harry, the boys, my mom and dad. I look behind the preacher, and standing there is Avery, crying. Which makes me cry so much harder. Then, they exchange rings, and kiss. They are now officially married. After Moments finished, plays my favorite song, Can't Stand It, plays by my favorite artist, NeverShoutNever. Katie comes back out dressed in a beautiful dress. Louis and Katie find eachother and cut the cake, and all the wedding tradition crap. 

"Bye!" Katie says to our family. They are about to leave when, me and the boys scream, "WE LOVE YOU KOUIS! STAY BEAUTIFUL YOU LITTLE CARROTS!" They laugh and blow us a kiss. Katie throws the bouquet, and before I know it, it lands in my hands. I wave at her, with tears flowing out of my eyes. Then I see Avery, as the black car rushes off, he's crying. I look at Harry, who leans down to kiss me. "It's gonna be our turn next baby." he smiles.



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