Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


5. Bootcamp, and Joshua.

"Concentrate on the note.." my vocal coach says. I clear my voice and hit try hitting the note again. I'm singing Hurt by Christina Aguliera. There's a lot of parts where I have to trill my voice. "If I had just one more day, yeah, I would tell you how much that I've missed you since you've been away-ay-ay-ay-yeah, oh, it's dangerous, so out of line, To try and turn baack, tiime," I sang, very professionally. "Good, good, just try and keep your voice smooth while singing, okay?" Savan says. "It's really hard though.." I look at him, sipping my water. "Just concentrate, pretend your life is on the line, like it's a life or death situation. Do you want this?" Savan asks. "No, Harry forced me." I look at him. He just arches his eyebrows and purses his lips. He knew I wanted it.


~On Stage~

I stood on stage scared. What if they thought I overexaggerated the song.. What if they thought I tried too hard? I'm scared.. I start to sing slowly, nervous out of my mind. I felt my hand shaking and my heart beating. I felt worse than I did when I first auditioned. Why? Maybe it was because It kind of was a life or death situtation. I really wanted this. I wanted it more than anything. More than Avery coming back. Just when I'm singing the chorus, I opened my eyes to see Avery next to Louis. My eyes widened but I continued to sing. He was bobbing his head and smiled. The judges were pleased. I can see they we're very happy with my vocals. I finished the song, and Avery was infront of me, it kind of was like old times. I used to sing him and Katie to sleep when dad left. We all slept together in the same bed. We were closer than ever. "Thank you Briella." Nicole says. I bow and walk off the stage and I'm patted on the back by the other teen singers. I give them a warm smile and walk over to my chair and drink water.


After everyone finished singing, and they eleminated so and so, they call the teenage girls on stage. This was life or death. This was the time where they chose who gets to go to the Judge's House. I stood on stage breathing in and out, calming myself down. "Anna, Juliette, Hannah, Sam, Briella, MaryAnn, Harriet, your safe." Anastacia says. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I'm going to the Judges Houses. I'm safe! Me and the ten other girls walk off stage and run into the other safe contestants arms. I look back on the stage and see the 4 other girls heads fall down. One girl was already crying, a girl with her hands cupped on her face. It was sad.. The judge's pretty much said they sucked and should give up. Not really, but they took it that way. I was more than happy. I was.. I don't even know, I don't think there is a known word for how happy I felt. I'll use, DingdongFireHose, that's how happy I am. I smiled at the thought of my new word.


~Driving Home~

"Briella Miller, I am so pleased with you, more than I have ever been in my entire life. Happier then when you helped with that school, and the ani-"   "Okay mom I get it." I laugh. She smiles her warm smile at me and looks back on the road. My phone buzzes in my pocket, I reach into my white skinny jean pocket and pull out my iPhone to read a new message from Ronnie, Wyatt, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Liam, Katie, and.. MY DAD? I instantly press the message from my father which reads.. "Briella, I'm so happy for you. Your mother told me all about how you auditioned and succeeded, and passed the second challenge and suceeded. Briella, I am beyond happy, my little Ellie is becoming the person she's always wanted to be. But I can't be there to witness you grow up and become the beautiful girl you are. Briella, I want you to remember that even though I'm how many miles from you, that I will always be there to support you in your descisions. You are an amazing girl and me, Bonnie, and GamGam are so so proud of you." He texted me. Bonnie was his new wife, and GamGam was my grandma. I felt tears pour out of my eyes and fall onto my phone screen. My mother turned to me and asked me what was wrong. "Dad is proud of me." I look into her eyes, even though my vision is blurry. My father was never proud of me mostly because my grades were crap, I never won valadictoran like Katie or Avery, I never got on any kind of honor roll. But I got what I've been dreaming for since I was a 3 year old brat, I'm becoming a star. I'm living my dream. My mother looked at me with sad but happy eyes, as she knew how much that ment to me. And it ment more than my rising that my father was proud of me.


"Damn it we're going out." Louis says packing us all up. "Louis I don't want too. It's not a big deal!" I shrug. "To us it is?" Liam says. "And?"  "And, we're proud of you!" Harry says. "Fine.." I moan. I grab Katie, who is wearing a maroon holster shirt, and a black tanktop underneath. She is wearing regular blue jeans and black stilettos. Her hair is its wavy, shoulder length self, but with a head band pulling her blonde, naturally highlighted hair. She looked really pretty, she had her eyeliner on from yesterday, and looked just wonderful. I was wearing a babyblue silky shirt that had ruffles on the end and on the top, I wore no undershirt, which in consequence showed my pale tummy. I was wearing distressed white skinny jeans which was really uncomfortabley tight, and I was wearing 3 inch heals, that were had blue material on them. They were Katie's. My brunette hair cascaded down my back, and some of it fell on my shoulders as we got in the car. I was wearing a little heavy black eyeliner, and white eyeshadow. I had red lipstick on, that stained from earlier from getting ready for boot camp. My hair had that hippie band around my head, and it actually worked. (A/N: By the way, they are all in the car, singing, talking anything, and I'm just explaining what they are wearing:)  ) Harry was wearing a simple white shirt, that was blue on the neck, and had a necklace which from it hung a circular turquoise rock. He was wearing simple skinny jeans, and red Supras. Niall had on a red hoodie, and underneath it he was wearing a purple shirt. He had on black jeans, and yellow and black Nikes, his blond hair was styled up in the front. Zayn was wearing his signature outfit, a red varsity jacket, and a black shirt. He had on gray pants, and red converse. He had a black hat on, like the one he wore at the closing ceremony in the Olympics, and his hair was styled the same way. Louis was wearing a white button up shirt, and had on a black blazer. He wore beige skinnies, and white vans. His hair was his usual sassy swipe. Liam, had on a Ramones shirt, and black jeans. He wore black Nikes and a brown belt. His hair looked like Justin Bieber.


We arrived at a cozy Italian resturant. It was not fancy at all, it was more homey than anything. I smiled as Harry intertwined his hands in mine, leading me out of the car. We all were seated at a table which had a booth. On the table there was a white candle lit, which was protected by a glassy circular cover. I sat down infront of it. I sat in the middle, Katie sat next to Louis, Niall sat at the edge. I sat next to Harry and Louis. I was in the middle, Harry was next to Liam, and Zayn sat at the edge. We were lucky enough to just fit in all together. "Yes, she fell into a lake. It was so funny how she freaked out because she thought a monster was going to eat her." Katie makes fun of me. "I was six years old and dad scared me!" I protest back. Louis and Harry were nudging me. "It's okay, my trousers ripped infront of over nine-thousand people." Liam says. "And it was Louis's fault." He glares at Louis, while he just sassily smirks. I turn my attention away from the conversation, to look outside the window to see a crowd of flashing lights. Paparazzi. I look away and talk again. I know they all realized it, but ignored it. The flashing lights fade, and before I know it, Joshua. He comes struting in with another slut on his arm. I look at Katie, who looks at me. I know he saw me, because his smile turned into a face of jealousy. I continue to eat my salad. But Joshua keeps looking at me. It's making me uncomfortable. "Uh, Katie, come to the bathroom with me. Please?" I look at her. "Yeah, Move out Ni." She says. After moving around, and getting out, me and Katie rush over to the bathroom. I feel Joshua's eyes follow me. "Katie, I can't enjoy this night with him staring at me like he wants to do something to me!?" I quietly shout. "What is he doing here anyway.. Did he like stalk you?" Katie asks. "No, I don't know? Maybe he's trying to get into that sluts pants?!" I say. She sighs. "I'm going back okay?" She looks at me. "Okay. Don't tell any of them, we'll tell them when we leave." I warn her. She leaves and walks back over the boys. I walk out of the bathroom, when I'm stopped by Joshua. My heart started to beat. "Briella.." He sternly says. "Joshua, not now, please." I try pushing him away. He takes my shoulders and pushes me to the wall. He pushes me in the bathroom, and locks it. "Briella, you should not have left me. You should not've ditched me that day." He squeezes my hand, so hard that it makes me cringe. "I actually should've, for all I know you would've beaten me." I look into his evil eyes. He slaps my cheek. "Briella, I was not done with you." He looks at me as I hold my cheek.


-Katie's P.O.V-

Me and the boys are talking when I feel my eyes drift over to Joshua's table. He isn't there. Briella.. Oh no. "Guys, I-I need to check on Briella." I studder and obviously say worried. I move out, and rush towards the bathroom. I hear Briella talking and she sounded like she was crying. I heard Joshua's voice. I heard muffled noises. He was kissing her. I quickly reach into my pocket and pull out a bobby pin. I put the tiny metal thing shakily into the slot, I open the door and push Joshua to the wall. "Don't you dare ever touch my sister again or so help me god I will beat your pathetic little ass. Got it?" I say in his face. He spits on my face, and I punch him so hard in the face that I hurt my own hand hitting his cheekbone. He falls to the floor and I kick his stomach, he cringes in a ball on the floor. "Fuck off you little shit." I harshly say, rushing over to a scared Briella. I take her arm in mine and rush over to the boys. "We need to leave. Now." I say. The boys leave the money on the table and leave. We walk past the flashing lights and get into the car in the parking lot. I sit up front with Louis, and Zayn, Liam, Niall, Harry, and Briella sit in the back. Harry was comforting a crying Briella, with a bruised eye and a red mark on her cheek. "What happened?" Louis asks. "Her ex-boyfriend, kind of raped her lips. He hit her, and just scared her," I whisper to Louis as he watches the road. "Asshole." Louis says. I turn around to Briella. Her eyes widen. "Avery.." she says. She was looking at Avery.


-Briella's P.O.V-

"He's taken care of, he won't bother you anymore." I hear my brother whisper in my ear somehow. What did he mean? Did, he kill him? No, he couldn't have, he's a spirt, they can't do that. He could just hurt him, or traumitized him.

I got home and ignored everyone. I ran downstairs. Everything went wrong. I jumped into my futon, and pulled the black blanket over my body. I shut out the noise upstairs, and fall asleep. I change the subject in my mind, I think about next week, Judge's House.

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