17 year old Dalis Miller and her family take a trip to London for her dad's work for 2 weeks in the summer. She meets the Harry Styles and they fall in love. This is her story.

PG-13. :) Enjoy!!


1. The Streets of London

"Mom! I'm going for a run. I'll call when I get back, have fun with dad in the meetings!" I said with a smirk on my face. I never went to my dad's meetings but my mom always did and she hates them.

"Just be careful Dalis!" my mom shouted as I already put my headphones in my ear and was out the door. There were mainly two reasons why I wanted to go for a run. One being that I need to stay in shape for field hockey season and two, I want to explore London.

After about 15 minutes of running the streets of London my ankle starts to hurt, but I shake it off trying not to sike myself out and start to walk. I then see a group of girls standing and screaming in front of a house. The first thing that popped into my head, being a HUGE One direction fan, was that they were there! I ran a little faster to get to the house and looked every way to see if I could see anything. Nothing. I turn my head to ask a girl, about the same age as me, "Hi! Excuse me, but what's going on?"

"Are you an idiot? And you call yourself a directioner! One direction is here, but you're all sweaty and look ugly so you're not worthy enough to meet them." And the girl pushed me out of the way, stepping on my ankle that hurt. I let out a small crying scream because it hurt a lot!

It didn't occur to me what exactly had just happened but I knew I needed to get out of there before anything else happened. I can't believe one of the boys' fans would ever do something like that. I knew there are some crazy ones but I never thought I'd be in the middle of something like that.

Just as I'm limping away having tears roll down my face, searching for a telephone booth, I see a few boys coming towards me. No it wasn't One Direction, but they were still really good looking!

"Excuse me love, can we help you? What the hell happened? Come with us. By the way my name is Jack, and this is Will." His british accent was really hot. I know I probably shouldn't have but I let them help me, also because I thought I knew somebody walking with them, but the boy I "knew" and I guess his friend walked straight into the house next door.

"Hi, thanks. My name's Dalis, and to be honest I'm not really sure. There are a bunch of girls outside that office building and I went over there to ask what's going on. And one girl totally flipped on me, she said that I shouldn't be a directioner and I'm not worthy? Then she pushed me while stepping on my ankle and now it really hurts!" As I finished explaining what had happened we're inside now and Jack is helping sit on the couch, Will is running to get me ice, and the two other boys are in the kitchen.

"Here put this on your ankle." Will instructed as he placed it on my ankle for me.

"HAHAHA not worthy enough? Harry do you think Dalis is worthy enough?" The blonde boy from the kitchen sat down in the chair in front of me.

Wait did he just say Harry? What is going on? When I fell did I fall on my head too?

"I think she's alright Tom," Harry sat down next to the boy named Tom and winked at me, "I'm Harry, how's your ankle?"

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