That One Night

There's always that night that you look forward too. That one night where everything has to go perfect. For me, that night is prom. It's our only night where it doesn't matter who you are, or what you've done. It's our only night to be who you are. But could meeting someone famous get in the way on that one night?


10. Chapter 10


"NO TOY STORY!" The boys were all shouting at each other, deciding what film to watch. Eventually they all decided on Toy Story as the film that they were going to watch. I looked around the huge living room. Danielle was trying to calm Liam down on the edge of one of the couches. Suddenly he just grabbed her and wrestled her to the couch as they were laughing and joking. He kissed her lightly on the lips and it made my heart warm. They had such a great connection.

And that's when I felt Harry's hand. I was lay with my feet up on the couch next to me as Harry put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. I snuggled my head into the crook of his shoulder and he buried his head in my hair. I smiled to myself, enjoying how everything was going so well. All the other couples had settled down as the film began and Harry kissed my forehead and grabbed my hand.

Half way through the film, Harry’s mobile started ringing in his back pocket. Unfortunately he let go of my hand and stood up, reaching to get it. He checked who was calling him and then let out a long sigh. He signalled that he would be one minute and then backed out of the room whilst answering the phone.


"Hey what's up?" I said quietly. "What's up?! What's up?! Harry what is all the news about this strange girl that you keep getting spotted with?! Answer me that!" Lara shouted down the phone.

"Lara calm down! She's just a friend," I replied back. I really wanted to tell Lara how I really feel about Sarah. She deserves to know, but not whilst she's in one of her moods.

"Well I don't care! I'm flying out to Florida tomorrow so we can sort this mess out!" and with that she hung up. I slumped to the floor, giving up on her. How can I tell Sarah about this? I walked back into the living and Sarah looked at me straight away. I decided to do this right now so I walked up to her and told her.


I can't believe she was coming here. As soon as Harry had told me, my heart sank. I didn't know what Lara was like in real life but I didn't want her to come between me and Harry. When I found out that I'd been pictured with him too, my heart sank further. I really didn't want to get Harry in any trouble with the press. I stayed quiet until the film had finished, then I dragged Harry into his bedroom.

"Wow chill, you'll have to wait!" Harry shouted loudly with a wink. I just raised my eyebrows at him.

"Ok not funny, sorry," he said taking my hands. I looked into his eyes and said

"What are we going to do?" He stared at me for a while before slowly saying

"I want her to meet you."

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