By Blood I am Bound

I won't explain what is happening in my poem, I want you to have your own interpretations - please share them with me!
Entry into the Poetry Competition :)
I'd love your feedback!


1. 1

When Death comes

I'll need not love nor hope.

And those who are bound to me

By blood and flesh,

You must forgive me

For I have sinned.


Upon a stone

My name will bear.

Below the sky

A stormy night.

No grieving face,

No flowing tears.

Forgive me, kin,

For I have sinned.


And on that night

A knife in hand,

I came to you

And slit your throat.

With hatred raging

And anger boiling,

I silenced you.


Now in a coffin, you are bound,

A form so still and decayed.

Your life so evilly taken

But forgive me kin,

For I have sinned.



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