Love Accidentilly

This story is about a girl who meets one direction... And read the rest to find out


11. The date

So Niall asked Ally "Do you want to go outside with me?"
Ally said "I would be delighted."

So Niall said
"Since we are dating, I was just going to ask you, would you like to go on a date with me?""
"Yes" Ally exclaimed knowing that she was dating Zayn, but Niall was much nicer than Zayn.
So they took a walk through the snow covered woods the pine trees looking so pretty and the grass layered with sparkling white, knee deep snow.

Just then Niall stopped and turned to Ally, and Ally did the same.

Niall said "I was just going to ask you where you wanted to go on your first date with me.
Ally said "Wherever you would like to go, I would either like to go shopping, movies, or dinner."
Niall replied "Wherever you want to go ill take you. So we will have a whole day, of shopping, and then we will head to the cinema and see a movie, and we will go to the Italian restaurant up the street.
They finished the walk in the woods and went into the house covered in snow, that the maid Lola was already starting to clean up.

So Niall and Ally went to sit down and then they saw Zayn
Niall said "So Zayn, what are you doing this weekend, anything?
"yeah Ally and I are going to the club on Sunday, what about you? Zayn replied
Niall said "oh nothing really" and winked at ally.
So Zayn went up to the guest room and thought about things for a little.

Niall and Ally downstairs were smooching and remembering their first kiss in the rain.
So then Niall and Ally stopped and Niall put his arm around Ally. Just then Niall said " I'm gonna pick up some groceries would you like to come?"

"yes" Ally replied "I would delightfully come with you."
So Niall went to the car.
Niall shut the car door and Ally and Niall were talking

"So I hear that you and Zayn are going to the club on Sunday."
Niall said Ally exclaimed "I never agreed to go clubbing with him. Anyways I'm sure he would let you come with us. Anyways aren't I allowed to hang out with other guys and kinda go out but really not do anything?"
Niall replied " yes dear you are allowed, but I was just wondering if you were.
So they pulled up to the grocery store

Niall said " So would you like to pick up some wine?"
Ally said " yes I would love to"
So Niall looked at all of the beverages.

He got, whiskey, jack, vodka, beer, and lots of other things to!

So they got home and Ally helped carry in the groceries and when they were done Niall and Ally were smooching....

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