Love Accidentilly

This story is about a girl who meets one direction... And read the rest to find out


1. Morning

Allys Pov
It was a Sunday and the sun was shining bright ally was laying sound asleep in bed when the alarm clock went off.

She got up and looked up at the chandiler. Burnt bulb. "Not again" ally Said to herself
She turned the light off and opened up the blinds.

She looked over at the clock, it was 12 Pm and she was supposed to meet Jess at the Cafe 2 hours ago! She rushed to get the pink satin tank top with a black over coat on. She slipped on her skinny jeans and boots and grabbed her winter coat.

While she ran down the stairs she grabbed her phone and stuffed it in her coach purse, and ran.

She ran to Jesses house.

She rang the door bell, and Jess opened the snow covered green door.

"Ally why didn't you come to the cafe at 10??" Jess said angrily.
Ally spoke as Jess sipped the hot chocolate out of the pink mug
" I overslept."
Jess replied" that's no reason to be late for the cafe"

Ally said " Ok I'm gonna go." all of the sudden she ran home and felt like she ran into something.
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