My (not so) Secret Brother

Darcy's brother is the famous Harry Styles from One Direction. The two are super close and look alike. As time goes by things happen, and that's life right? But what will happen to Darcy?


2. School

Okay, so my names Darcy. My brothers Harry Styles who's competing in The X Factor in his band One Direction. I haven't started my new school yet but when I do, I'm not telling anyone Harry's my brother. I'm 16 and Harry's 18. We like to call each other twins despite the age difference, but I am practically a girl version of Harry.
"MUM, GEMMA IT'S STARTING" I screamed dashing towards the sofa and jumping on it. I turned the television on and put on The X Factor. Mum joined Me with Gemma following her. We watched as One Direction performed 'Torn' at judges houses.
"That's my baby boy" Mum sobbed. "That's my brother" Gemma and I said in unison and I grinned proudly. Once they finished I couldn't help but think how great they sounded. Once The X factor finished, Mum started to cook dinner.
"Darcy, are you prepared for school tomorrow?" Mum asked whilst putting some potato waffles into the oven.
"School stuff wise yes, but having to keep this secret, no" I groaned.
"Awhh babes, he's only going to get more famous" Mum chuckled.
"Not helping" I said and rolled my eyes.
"Go and put your school bag and school uniform out" Mum ordered so I stomped up the stairs and into my room. I put some black, skinny-flare school trousers onto my bed, a white polo shirt and a maroon long sleeve jumper. I then put all of my new school stuff into my bag and put it on the floor next to my bed.
"Dinner" Mum called up the stairs a while later.
"Race you" Gemma grinned walking out her bedroom door which was opposite mine.
"GO" I cheered and dashed down the stairs and into the kitchen. I slammed onto the dining room chair and picked up my knife and fork.
"You've gotten fast" Gemma grinned joining me at the table. After dinner I washed my plate and went upstairs to have a shower. About half an hour passed and I stepped out of the shower. I dried myself off, put some tracksuit bottoms and a plain white vest on and started to dry my hair. When I was convinced my hair was completely dry, I brushed it one more time and then went to brush my teeth.
"NIGHT MUM, NIGHT GEMMA" I shouted, closed my door and climbed into bed. School tomorrow. Great. I soon drifted into sleep.


I woke up and checked the time. 7:30am. I decided to get up and get changed into my new school uniform. I tied the laces of my new school shoes and neatened my curly hair. I grabbed my school bag and phone and them ran downstairs into the kitchen.
"I've done you some toast" Mum smiled.
"Thanks" I smiled back and took my plate to the table. My phone buzzed. It was a text from Harry that read
         *Hey, have a good day at school. Don't worry to much about your secret brother ;) miss you loads xxxx* 

I grinned at my phone and texted back straight away.

          *Im not telling a soul about you being my brother cause I'll have girls waiting In line for a sleep over ;) I miss you to <3 xxxx*

I sent it and ate my toast and went upstairs. After about ten minutes I ran down the stairs with my school stuff in hand. "Ready?" Mum asked.
"Yeah" I said after I'd brushed my teeth.
"Let's go then" Mum said getting her car keys and getting into her new BMW. Suddenly I got a text.

         *Sleepovers? Fun, just make sure that if you do tell anyone, that they like you for you not for you being my baby sister ;) xxx*

I smiled and texted back

        *Yeah, probs won't tell anyone yet, but people will question me looking like you. Anyway, going into school gates. I'll text you at break. Xxxxxxxx*

I sent it. "Bye mum" I smiled and kissed her cheek.
"Have a good day love" Mum said and drove off. I took a deep breath and entered my new school. I walked straight to the reception to get my timetable.
"Here you go lovely"  the slightly chubby lady behind the desk said as she handed me my timetable. "Drama first" she pointed out. Not bad. I walked into the large playground and sat on a bench and looked at my timetable. A girl walked past me and stared. Another girl came and sat next to me.
"You look like Harry S
tyles" She whispered.
"Urmm thanks?" I hesitated.
"What's your name?" she asked.
"Darcy Styles" I bit my Lip, Huge give away.
"What a weird coincidence
" She grinned. "I'm Rachel Green" Rachel said. "Just making sure... Are you related to Harry?" Rachel asked.
"Last time I checked an wasn't" I giggled nervously but she looked like she brought it .
"Okay, what have you got first?" Rachel asked.
"Drama" I replied.
"Oh my gosh, same, we're going to get on well" she smiled. Okay my first friend, I think.
"So do you like one direction?" I asked her.
"Of course! My favourites Harry and Liam, there both gorgeous" Rachel beamed. I winced.
"Who's you 
favourite " She asked. Harry.
"I don't have one, I like them all" I said quickly, lying of course.
"you know you could be famous if you said you were Harry's sister, I meant you have the eyes, the hair, the dimples and the second name" she giggled. "Come one let's to to drama" she added. I'm not going to keep this secret long am I.

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