Summer Of Love...

Amelia and her best friend Allisson were going down to London to spend the summer with Amelia's dad. They had the first 2 weeks to spend by themselves and while her father was out on business. Their whole world is turned upside down when there is heartbreaking and love going on with One Direction...<3


1. First Day In London...

Amelia(Amy)'s POV

Allisson and I had decided we were going out for dinner. Since we were up late we decided to give my fathers house a quick clean, before getting ready to go out for dinner.

-In Nando's-

We sat down waiting to order our food when Allie left her purse at home.
"Dont worry, you can borrow of me and pay me when we get home!" i said makig sure she wont worry.
"You dont understand Amy... I left my bag at home. I NEED MY PHONE!!"
I gave her a look and told her to calm down.
"Amy, I'll be back in half an hour! Order and wait for me here!"
"Thanks babe!" she gave me a hug and walked out.
As i stood there watching her walk out this boy came and spilt two trays of food all over my dress.
"OH MY FISH!" i yelled, looking down at my dress.
The boy stood there apologising several times.
"it's okay," i said frustrated.
"No it isnt. How about you come to my table and me and my friends clean you up?" he said sending me a smile. "its the least i can do," he added.
"Sure," i said grabbing my things.
As we walked over to the table he introduced himself as 'Zayn'. His accent was amazing, it made me tingle inside. His eyes were chocolate and deep. I couldnt help but stare. I told him my name was Amelia but he can call me Amy.
We arrive at the table with the blonde boy asking where is food was at.
I looked at him and told him i was wearing it. I giggled whick lead to all of them laughing. I sat down next to Zayn and Niall. I recognised these names somewhere...
Zayn grabbed some napkins and handed me them. I started cleaning myself up but my frwss was white so i was officially stained. I kept looking at them trying to recognise them...
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