Daddy Direction

Ashton has always loved One Direction, but she particularly fancied Liam. All she could think about was his hair, his smile and his heart. She gets tickets to a concert and VIP passes. She's going to meet One Direction.


1. The Drive

Ashton's POV

Tonight was the night that I was going to meet One Direction. I had gone shopping the day before and I got a white ruffed tank top, a black leather jacket, dark navy blue pumps and a cherry red mini skirt. I straightened my blond hair, then clipped the top part back with my favorite butterfly clip. I walked outside and got into my car to go pick up my best friend, Kaylee. I got to her house and walked up to her room. She had a stone grey one shoulder dress on and her hair was up with a sparkly black head band and she was wearing black boots. She looked beautiful. "Wow Ashton. You look amazing." "So do you." We climbed in the car and drove to the concert.
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