Daddy Direction

Ashton has always loved One Direction, but she particularly fancied Liam. All she could think about was his hair, his smile and his heart. She gets tickets to a concert and VIP passes. She's going to meet One Direction.


3. Nandos and Kissing

Ashtons POV

We arrived at Nandos. I sat in between Liam and Harry. Niall sat next to Liam and Louis and Kaylee next to Harry. "I can't believe I'm at Nandos with One Direction." I said to Liam. God he was handsome. He put his arm around me doing that cheesy yawn thing. I didn't care if it had three cheeses. I loved it.

Liam's POV

I put my arm around Ashton. As I did, she slid closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder. I thought I was falling for her. Louis and Kaylee had gone to the restroom and they've been gone for the past 10 minutes. When they came back, her hair was down and his tie was messed up. "Total make out session, huh guys?" Ashton said. They both just blushed. God was she beautiful. I decided to make my move. "Hey, Ashton, how about we go get everyone dessert?" She got up and followed me. Instead of turning left to the dessert bar, I grabbed her hand and went right, to the lounge. No one was there, thank god. I sat down. She sat with me. "Aren't we supposed to be getting--" I leaned in and kissed her. She kissed me back and it turned into making out. We stopped and ran to get desserts.
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