new start

Emillia just moved back to London with her brothers and father, She bumps into Harry styles at the local high school but doesn't want anything to do with him, he he doesn't give up she finally gives in but than there is niall. does a new romance happen

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2. new school


The feeling of sun glaring on my face burning my gentle skin woke me up of the morning, I immediately yanked my quilt and through it over my face leaving my legs feeling the tingling morning air. I reached over to my phone, which was on the side of my mattress. “OH CRAP” I yelped I’m going to be late for the first day of school. I flew up and scuffled through my clothes to find a pair of tight light grey shaded skinny jeans, a white singlet with a warm light scarf to wrap around my neck.. I slipped on all my clothes before I could let the warmth of my body could escape and through on a black pair of toms to cover my cold feet perfect. I looked in the mirror my chocolate brown hair that went to the lighter shade of brown when it reached the tips was a total disaster. I quickly brushed it untangling all the knots and left it down flowing around my shoulder, it hung down low near my belly button. Quickly running down the stairs reached for the keys and ran out the door without saying my goodbyes.


Driving to the school I could feel something tingling in my pants to come to realization that my phone was vibrating. Pulling it from my pocket my eyes glanced at the screen to see it was a text from guy

Hello my beautiful Emillia I hope you have a great day at you’re new school don’t chat up any boy (;

Jut kidding miss you heaps hope to see you soon

Love you emi boo xoxo


He just put the perfect smile onto my face until the song what makes you beautiful played on the early radio. “Are you kidding I couldn’t even get a day without hearing about these boy!” I spoke realising there was no one to hear me. I turned the radio off within a blink of an eye.


Finally parking in the large car park at the school grounds, a few girls caught my attention as the strolled unhurriedly by my car, but one girl caught my attention more than the rest she was absolute stunning, she had brown hair that flowed just right down her lower back, dark pink lips. She was wearing light blue ripped jeans with a floral t-shirt with a light white cardigan and brown wedges with floral print that covered her toes. Her face looked so familiar it stuck in my mind twirling around my brain trying to figure out where I have seen her pretty face before. I watched as she paced by and as she got further away.

Than I came back into my senses and rapidly looked at the back memorizing I left I pair of cream wedges. My face lit up when I located them. I quickly glided them on and hiked towards the office.


I reached the office took a deep breath and knocked on the door, i heard a quiet voice over the door “escargot yourself in”. I peaked my head over the door and through over a smile “hey I’m Emillia I’m new here” “ahhh yes I have been expecting you” she replied with a cheery voice, “Here’s your timetable, I hope you enjoy yourself here” I thanked her and started to leave to room trying not to disturb her from her work “Oh and btw try not get to excited around the boys” she coughed whilst throwing me a wink. I left the office thinking what on earth was she talking about.  

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