new start

Emillia just moved back to London with her brothers and father, She bumps into Harry styles at the local high school but doesn't want anything to do with him, he he doesn't give up she finally gives in but than there is niall. does a new romance happen

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4. guy

I was so thrilled that the thought of my boyfriend was going to be here any minute; it had been almost a month since I had last seen him. “Knock knock knock” I squealed and darted in the direction of the door I opened it too see guys face I jumped on him and wrapped my long legs around his waist as he dropped his luggage and held me up with his muscular arms, our lips pressed firm against each other giving me electric shocks down my spin and gave me butterflies throughout my stomach as if this was the first time we’ve every kissed this feeling was so rare and showed me how much you can actually miss someone.


So eager than ever I just wanted to have fun and cherish the weekend I get to have with guy. We decided to walk down to the park and swing on the swings like we use to back home, I could not wipe this smile that danced across my lips as me and guy we together it was just so amazing it made me to happy it was unbelievable. I sat on the swing whilst guy was pushing me so I could swing higher and get a great view up high I could not stop chuckling as i looked up and noticed dark Clouds invaded the beautiful blue sky as the afternoon went on. Guy and I decided to lay on the grass as the we watch the warm sun go down whist being overtaken by the dark clouds.  I could feel guys cold breath breezing against my face blowing strings of my hair as he rolled onto his side, he whisper into my ear “ I have to tell you something”, my smile immediately wiped of my face and I had a dark feeling come over me, “yes” hummed. “You know how me and you have been together so long and you wont you know because your nervous?” he mention “yes” I said confused, “well whilst you was gone I kind of slept with someone else” he spoke with no emotion covering his face. I froze my as heart sank so far down, my stomach felt like it turn inside out, I just felt like I was going to Barth everywhere, I felt so gutted. I started to get light headed as if I was going to faint, I managed to pick my self up and i ran with tears pouring down my eyes, with the thoughts twisting and twirling around my head, how can you love someone so much that they would hurt you like this, I thought he loved me, why would he do that.



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