Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


47. Page 10

Adriana's POV  

A week later...  


Today was the day I got to see the magazine! I'm so excited! I rushed to the lobby to get my mail and I saw Greg already handing me it.  "Page 10."

He smiled and I took it and opened to page 10. I was laughing in the picture and I saw at the top, "Adriana Gomez: The Truth." 


It wasn't all the truth.. Not exactly.. But most of it was. I read and saw all the questions she had asked me and my responses.  One the other page it continued the interview and I had another picture behind it and I was smiling in the dress. 

I turned the page to see me and Max laughing, when he had picked me up. We had our tongues sticking out and in the middle it had 'I love him', Adriana said when our insider asked about her cute boyfriend, Max' The interview continued on with pictures of me until page 15.

I smiled at myself and hugged Greg.

"I have five pages in a magazine! Could you believe it?!" I jumped and Greg laughed as I ran back to my apartment. I grabbed my phone and took a picture of page 10.  

'Five pages on Ok! Magazine.. This is unbelievable! :D' 

I included the picture onto it and I smiled, I couldn't believe it! It was amazing how this just happened! I couldn't stop smiling.  I was actually on a magazine.. A magazine!  I started looking through my timeline and saw,  

'@Larry_idk: @Adri1995 Telling off the boys in it too? You just don't stop do you. Wow. #DirectionersHateAdriana'  

I clicked on the tag and saw so much hate.   

'"I love him" please. Don't fall for it Max! She's just using you like she did with Harry. Whore much?'  

My smile had faded. Usually hate never got to me, after the first day with Zayn and seeing all of it.. I thought I could just get use to it. And it had been working, I never let it get to me. Now my wall was breaking and it did hurt being called a whore, it's not like I hadn't heard it before though. I started to think why people thought I was a whore. I dated Leo, and I am dating Max. I've dated two people. I did kiss Zayn and Harry... Wow. No wonder, well I'm going to fix it. I don't like it so I'm going to change it. 


  'Coming down to it, I'm sorry to people who I might have confused with my relationships, you could say, i guess... anyways I'm sorry xx' 

"Hey loser!" I saw Tony walk in opening the door and Max right behind him.

"Hi" I told him and went back to the magazine, I flipped throughout the pages and found the picture of Max and I. "Page 12 babe!" I showed Max the magazine as he sat down next to me. 

"I never said to put me in! It was suppose to be just you." He grabbed the magazine and started reading it.  "It's okay, I want you in it!" I wrapped my arms around his arms and saw him read it.  "Move over..." Tony pushed me over and he sat down next to me. He reached for the remote and began watching TV. 

"So you actually got on the magazine. What did you talk about it in?" Tony looked at me, "Well, she asked me about Harry and Zayn, rumors, about you and Max.. Pretty much it." 

"Who's Ed Sheeran?" Max turned and asked me. 

"The most perfect singer with the voice of a million angels, he's the definition of perfection." I smiled at Max and he had a confused face, "Her celebrity crush."

Tony laughed as he said it. 

"See! Tony knows! He's so cute! Look at him." I pointed to a picture of Ed on the side and Max raised his eyebrows.

"I'm not liking this whole celebrity crush thing." Max looked at me, "You already got her, why be jealous?" I made a confused face at Tony, that was just weird. 

"Creepy much?" I told Tony and Max laughed. "Im just saying... Trying to watch out for my sister but okay." He said in a sarcastic voice and went back to watching TV. "You were all out in this interview.."   

I knew exactly what he meant. He knew I had a soft spot with Harry and Zayn, before. He knew how much I cared for each of the boys. How close we were.. He knew it all and I said different in the magazine. I didn't like to lie, but it would just be best for now. "Just to make things easier and better." He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and rested his head on my hair. 

"Be right back." Max got up, and when he did his phone slipped out from his back pocket.  I didn't notice until it started vibrating. I looked down at it quickly and saw a text. It kept vibrating and it was coming to the point that it's was annoying me.  "Just pick it up." Tony said and I grabbed it, just to stop the vibrating.


I saw, 'Sofia: I miss you xx ;)' 

Sofia? Who was Sofia? I was getting jealous, just then another message came and it said, 'Sofia: Come over in a little?'

I turned his phone off and slammed it on the couch, just as I felt Max kiss my head.  "Your phone was buzzin'" Tony said, still watching the TV.  I

was mad at him. Was he cheating on me? I scooted closer to Tony, not wanting to be near Max. Max sat down where he was before and noticed how I moved away more. He narrowed his eyebrows.  I payed no attention to him and watched the TV, I obviously didn't care who was winning between Chicago and Oklahoma, I just wanted to know who Sofia was. And I wanted to know now.

"Can you make me some lemonade?" It would take him enough time for me to figure out who Sofia was. I pleaded at Tony and he looked at me weirdly.

"I don't make lemonade, do it yourself." I pouted, "Please?" He ignored me and I kept shaking his arm, "Please!!" He rolled his eyes and got up, "You're annoying." I smiled, "Thank you Tony!! I love you!"  I heard him say 'Yeah you do.' Just as he walked off to the kitchen. 

"You could have asked me." Max chuckled and I kept a straight face, he looked at me, "Are you okay?" I ignored him, looking at the TV. Look at that, Oklahoma actually got the ball in the hoop.  "Hey? What's wrong.." Max got closer and moved my hair out of my face, I looked at him straight in the eyes and asked, "Who's Sofia?"  He went pale. I looked dead into his eyes and he just chuckled, "Sofia's my cousin. How's you know about her?" He said nervously. I had a bit of doubt. 

"Your cousin?" He nodded, "You got a text from her." I told him and he looked at his phone, "Oh... Yeah." I heard him swallow, and I kept my eyes looking at the TV and to his phone.  He wrote back, 'Cant right now, maybe later.' I still didn't get why the message had a winky face, "Why does it have a winky face?" He shrugged, "Probably clicked the wrong button, I guess." Everything was adding up, I had doubt somewhat, but I have to trust Max or what would we have?

"Oh." He chuckled nervously, "You jealous babe?" I shook my head, "No. She's only your cousin." He looked at me with a serious face, "Yeah.." 

"Here's your lemonade." Tony handed me the cup and I smiled and took it from his hand.  I drank out it and it was terrible! So sugary and so limy! AGH.

I spit back into the cup, "What is this?!" Tony laughed, "I don't do lemonade." I took a heavy breath and laughed quietly.  "Well now I know why." Max laughed with Tony and I got up to throw the lemonade, or whatever this was out.  I walked into the kitchen and I could hear Tony snickering, I looked at the counter. It had sugar spilled every where with at least six limes spread around with water on the floor and counters, spilling.  "Tony! You're such a dick sometimes!" He bursted out laughing and I grabbed a towel cleaning the water off the floor. 

I threw out all the limes, and wiped the sugar off the counters.  Max walked in and laughed quietly, "You obviously don't clean so well." I raised my eyebrows, "Excuse you? You want to say the again?" He backed up and smiled, "No, sorry, my bad." I narrowed my eyebrows and started cleaning the floor on the other side.  "Here I'll help you." Max walked over to me and grabbed another towel to help me. 

"I could clean it myself." I was acting really angry, but only because of the mess Tony made. Also about Max, it just bugged me. "I came to help since I felt bad." I glared at Tony as he laughed more.

"I could clean it!" I yelled out, an Tony still grabbed a towel to clean too, I walked to him and threw the towel i had at his chest, "Fine." I said angrily and I stormed off. I was so angry for the mess made, you couldn't believe how messy it was. Ugh.  I sat down on the couch and began watching the game again. I heard Max and Tony laughing in the kitchen, "If you're just going to mess around, don't bother trying to clean it." I hated how immature they were together.

My phone began to ring, 'Private Number' I hesitantly answered the phone, "Hello?" "What's your favorite scary movie?" I heard Tony talking in the kitchen and I giggled a little, it was Tony's way to make me feel better. I hated how it always got to me too. "Shut up." I hung up and Tony and Max started laughing in the kitchen.  My phone rang again and private number, I wonder who it could be.. Sarcasm added. 

"What?"  I heard heavy breathing at the end for awhile and I heard a deep voice say, "Vote Pedro."  I hung up and I walked to the kitchen to see them on the ground laughing without noise.  "You guys are so immature, I swear." I laughed a little and I walked back out, "Vote Pedro!!" I rolled my eyes smiling, such idiots.   

They were getting so close, and acted like five year olds who apparently knew the lyrics to every Spanish song ever written, and every line in every family guy episode, Adam sandler movie, will ferrel movie, any movie honestly, well my brother knew most of the lines. 

"That's so funny the last time I heard that I fell off my dinosaur!" Tony was yelling at Max for telling such a lame joke.  It made me laugh though, cheesy jokes were so perfect, I just.. No matter how terrible it was, I had to laugh at how bad it was. Harry always knew the most terrible jokes. My thoughts wandered off from Max and Tony and I thought about the boys.. I hated how much I missed them. I kept thinking about every memory with them and soon enough I fell asleep.    

Harry's POV  


"Have you read it?" I looked away from my phone and looked at Louis.  "Read what?" Louis threw me a magazine and I looked at him confused, "Page 10." I couldn't read his face expression so I just went to page ten and saw the worlds most gorgeous girl. Adriana. She looked different, I could tell it was her though because of those big brown eyes.

I smiled and I looked at Louis, "She's in a magazine.. So what?" I acted like I didn't care, even though I wanted to know why Louis handed me it. 

"Read it." I looked back and read the words, 'The Truth about Adriana Gomez' I read everything, having to flip the page to see her laughing with Max holding onto her. I folded the magazine to continue reading the interview she had and I have to say.. It was hurtful. All of it was. Well some. 

She had no intention of being friends. She doesn't care about us. I could tell what Louis was feeling, depressed. Lou never wore that face, exactly why I had no clue what it meant. 

"She doesn't mean any of it." I threw the magazine on the table, I knew she meant everything. I wasn't about to tell Louis though.

 "Are you kidding me?! She means every fucking word Harry! Stop acting like she still loves and cares for us!" Louis got up and had a hard face. I didn't get why he had to yell! 

"I'm just trying to help! Apparently you don't get that Louis! I love her! I don't care if she says in some stupid magazine that she doesn't want to be friends! Besides why do you even care! You act as if you lost all your best mates! You have people in your life! Like the lads and me, what about Eleanor, stop acting like everyone you've ever known is gone!" I snapped at him, like never before.

I had no clue where any of this was coming from.

"That's the biggest load of bullshit ever! I don't act like that, and don't you dare even bring up Eleanor in this! I'm sorry I didn't know I couldn't be upset I lost my friend Harry!..  Dammit! Why couldn't you and Zayn just leave the poor girl alone! She was perfectly happy with Max, you just didn't understand that!" How was me being in love with her have anything to do with this?! "Me being in love with her had absolutely nothing to do with this! We hid a secret from her, we all did! Stop blaming Zayn and I for something, we all did! We both know that Max is a no good lad that just came out of no where to keep her from us! You know that Louis! To actually think you could even use him, against me?! It's ridiculous! I could bring Eleanor up, because she's your girlfriend not Adriana!"   

I was standing now, glaring at Louis.  I didn't know what his problem was! 

"How dare you even say that! Eleanor means the world to me! She is the obviously the only one helping me out in all of this! You can be so idiotic Harry, Adriana and Max. Learn about it, and get over it. Let her be happy. All you and Zayn did was push her away! Do you actually think she didn't want to kiss Max that day on the beach?! I wonder why she ignored you, I wonder why she bit Zayn... Maybe for you two to learn to leave her alone!!"  Louis was in my face...  

"I'm the idiot?! Me!!? Says the one who would constantly be with her! Where's Louis? Oh yeah, with Adriana! You followed her like a little puppy with nothing better to do... While Eleanor was and is missing you, you're here going nuts about Adriana! I don't even know who you are Louis! You know how much I care about her and how much it kills me to see her with him, I thought we were best mates?!"  Liam and Zayn ran to both of us, they've must've heard, since we were both yelling so loud.

"Hey! What's going on?" Liam looked at both of us and Niall came behind them. 

"This is bullshit! I'm the puppy?! What about you! Oh Adriana I love you so much.." He mocked me, "Shut it! You actually think Adriana would ever give you the time of day after you slept with another girl?! I call Eleanor every day, to let her know I miss her as much as she misses me, you have no idea how it is to be in a relationship because all you've been focused on is Adriana!!" He glared backing up, "After this.. All the shit! You said, we aren't best mates Harry...."

Louis walked away and I stood there, what just happened.  

I looked at Zayn, Liam, and Niall and they had shocked faces but sad looks. I had teary eyes, knowing how Louis really felt and what he thought? I lost my best-... I lost Louis.  


How'd you like this chapter ? Its a bit intense eh ? I post on my blog now ! If any of you have any questions about anything, want me to read one of your movellas, or you just want to chat, let me know (( I left my email, kik, twitter, and instagram - IG - ))! :D I love to help and being an ambassador is something great for me !  Last thing, GUESS WHAT?! I'm on winter break !!! :DDDD Are you screaming with joy ? aha, so i'll have so much time ! I'll post more often, but remember don't get so use to it because I will have to go back to school. Thank you so much, for everything ! Happy Holidays ! :D


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