I'll Dream of You Tonight

This is a short story about the dream I had the other day about how I met my dream guy. If some parts are random, sorry, it is a dream after all. I will put in some stuff that didn't happen because it would be an extremely short story if I didn't add extra stuff in..Enjoy! :]


1. Getting There

Alex and I sat in our room of the apartment. Alex sat on her bed reading a magazine and playing her music. I was laying on the floor painting my nails. The other girls that shared the apartment were in the kitchen. We didn't get along with them very much. We were always competing with each other to see who was better. I would finally finish this competition. The designers I worked for had a new client. One Direction would be wearing our clothing! I didn't really care for them that much like I did for my favorite band, Falling In Reverse. I loved them. I continued to paint my nails and think about how amazing it would be to finally win the competition.

We were meeting at the park and only certain people could get in. I felt proud to be one of the special people that could get in. A bunch of bands from all types of music were going to be there. I wasn't sure exactly who would be there wearing our clothes. All I knew is that my boss Nikki Mullins was trying to reach every part of music. I was really excited to meet a bunch of bands. I was there to make sure everyone looked good and to make sure nothing went wrong. The only thing was, I hadn't told anyone yet. I found out today.

"So what are you doing tomorrow? I was thinking we could meet up for lunch or something." Alex looked over at me from her magazine.

"I thought you were hanging out with Zack all day tomorrow?" I asked her looking down at my nails.

"His boss called him in." Alex looked back to her magazine. "So, can you make it?"

I guess I had to tell her. "I'm going to be busy tomorrow."

"Doing what?" She asked.

"Making sure a bunch of bands look good on their clothes." I smiled.

"No way! That's so awesome!" She put her magazine down and came over to me on the floor. "What bands will you see?"

"I'm not sure. All I know is that one is One Direction."

"Oh." She sat on the floor bummed out.

"But, it's all genres of music. I can meet anyone! From The Used to Suicide Silence!" I got up and blew on my nails.

"This is amazing! Can I come?" Alex asked encouragingly.

"Of course! You don't need a ticket or anything it's a secret so not many people know about it. So don't tell anyone!"

"Promise...This is going to be amazing!"

"The only thing is, you can't come backstage with me, to meet all of the bands." Alex and I continued to hang out excited for tomorrow.

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