Dragon Scales

The name's Bella, Bella Grande. I'm a dragon rider. Well I was until the terrible day when my dragon, Fireseeker was taken away from me to be trained for the mighty war of our nation. My father lost his life trying to save Fireseeker. Now I will avenge him. I will kill the gorgeous boy who killed him.


1. Fireseeker

   Keeping a dragon isn't easy, it requires skill, courage, strength and determination. Town people will mutter abusive comments as you pass them in the street. People your own age do not treat you equally, they will call you 'dragon girl' or anything else that they can conjure up in there tiny brains. Yet I still raised my magnificent dragon, I trained to be a fighter. Gentle, but strong. I read once in my local library that it is legend that dragons will protect you until its last breath, they will defend you in your hour of great need and will never leave your side, faithful, honest. This is my story. My story of a faithful dragon, one that will become such a well told story in decades to come.

   Living in a small farmhouse in the vast countryside west of the capital city  becomes a great advantage whilst keeping a dragon. For me, flying high on my emerald dragon Fireseeker, dipping up and down through our beautiful green meadows and vast hilly countryside is more of a reward than any gold, silver or bronze. How I always loved being strapped tightly in the worn leather harness and looking down at our rundown farm. My short, rotund mother watching nervously her young baby girl and her loving and powerful husband high up. We would soar on our friendly, small, green dragon, for hours. How I loved him. He was my brother in the sky. Fireseeker and I, Bella Grande, dragon rider. I loved that title.

  My father had bought the egg that Fireseeker  hatched from, it was emerald green egg from a 'tall, foreign traveler' in the busy traveler's market in the winter I was due to be born. He went out looking for some chickens for a new coop he had built that summer, but came back happy with himself, dragon's egg wrapped in a neat little bundle. At nine months pregnant, my mother had nearly kicked him out, she knew how much dragons cost to feed and how likely it would set our quaint farm on fire. Also with the young baby they wouldn't be able to cope. But father charmed her into thinking that everything would be fine, he made a harness for himself out of the leftover leather my uncle had from his shoemaker's shop and he made the rest in his big blacksmith's workshop. He had always loved riding him and showing off to the people of the town who looked up in awe at the man on a dragon, doing loops and spins in the sunny air like carefree children in a meadow of dandelions.

   I take Fireseeker out every day to ride, my harness isn't as tight as it used to be. The leather has stretched and worn, but I like it that way. It gives me more of a thrill, the excitement of shifting a tiny amount when upside-down on a dragon is breathtaking! How I love the wind that sweeps through my long, brown hair like angels fingers, how I struggle to keep my blue eyes open without my goggles on and how my stomach somersaults every time I look down at the little village far below. I love it so much, riding is my passion. The first time I had ridden Fireseeker alone was on my tenth birthday, over six and a half years ago now. My kind father and my clever uncle had made me my own harness with beautiful fine leather from the west and steel nails and footholds from my father, it was magnificent and definitely the best present I had ever received. My mother had got me a glass, violet, flower necklace, she knew that I hated that kind of stuff but she was desperately trying to pull me away from being too much of a 'tomboy'. I didn't care, I loved Fireseeker more than her anyway, she despised  him. I know the feeling is mutual. She sighs with disgust every time I fly him and welcomes me through the door after every flight with the snide comment...

"I can see you didn't get scorched today then, but it's only a matter of time!"

   I hated that. Once, when I came back with a broken arm and a bleeding nose after falling onto the barn's wooden roof all she had told me was...

"Oh! What have you done now! I knew it was only a matter of time before something like this happened! Stupid girl! Go get yourself cleaned up! You and that idiot Dragon!"

   But comments like these only spurred me on to become better at riding, my father trained me and I became more confident. It had loosened my bond with my mother but strengthened the one between me and my father. How I miss him, after the day he died, my mother became more aggressive towards me, hitting me and locking me in my room so I couldn't ride Fireseeker. I would only climb out of the little window that I had in my room though. I miss my father, so much, I wish he was here; this is why I have a plan-to get back my last memory of him, Fireseeker.


I will avenge his death.

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