Part One: Moment In Time

When Alexis' birthday comes she gets a big surprise. She's always wanted to meet One Direction. She finally got to. Then Things get serious. Let me know if you want Part 2: Moment In Time


2. The Day Before

Alexis' P.O.V.

Well I'm super excited for tomorrow night. I can't wait to see what my mum has in store for me. I hope it's something amazing. Which it should I mean my mum and dad is pretty surprising. 

Angie, my mum, walks in my room and says "Hey Hun, how excited are you?" 

"Well I'm pretty excited considering I don't know what my 'surprise' is." I say.

"Well baby, I think you're gonna be pretty happy." Mum says. 

"I sure hope so mummy. I love you. Thank you so much. I appreciate this so much." I say trying to convince her that I really do mean it. 

"Awwhh Lexi, I love you too. And I know you appreciate it. You've helped me so much and that's why I'm doing this for you." Mum says in a sweet tone.

Harry's P.O.V.

Well tomorrow night is my performance and I couldn't be more excited. 

"Hello lads." I say to Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis. 

"Harry!" They all say at once. 

"What's up with you guys? You never are this happy to see me." I ask, confused. 

"Well we know that you're probably nervous about tomorrow night to we're taking you to a special place to take your mind off things." Zayn says. 

"Yeah. Harry you really need it lad." says Niall almost immediately after Zayn said that.

"Harry you know we love you right?" Liam says.

"Yeah....." I say suspiciously. 

"Well then lets go!" They all say.

About and hour later

"Awh you guys! This is awesome! You didn't have to do this!" I say. 

We were all eating tacos and at the bowling ally. About to bowl. 

"Well we did if we wanted you to lighten up a bit." Zayn says.

I was still nervous but I think I will be okay. I can't wait for tomorrow.
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