Faces In The Flames

14 year old June Ford is always alone. Her Dad is always away at work trying to earn as much as he can to keep them both going, as June's Mum and little sister both went missing while she was still a kid. Every night Ju sits around a old small bonfire and lights it while waiting for Dad to come home, it's always late. One night June sees a face in the flames, the face explains she is the chosen one to save the Underworld. June tries to ignore it but she starts seeing faces in the fire she lights every night, of her lost Mum, her sister and lots of other faces she doesn't know. They are all crying which tortures Ju, but one night it's up to her to stop the crying.


1. Who are you?

I stare out the window, watching Dad stumble down the path in the rain. Ugh! I hate rain, there is always so much of it. Plus if it's raining I can't be outside, there's nothing for me inside except maybe the warmth and shelter houses provide. Though this was not what you could exactly call a house, it was more of an old, slightly rotting, but non the less pretty cottage. It looked like it belonged in a fairy tale, with ivy and roses all around.


A knock on the door pulls me out of my daydream. I turn around startled, we never get visitors! I pad down the hallway in my slippers, then carefully, slowly open the door a few inches. A handsome young man is stood there. I frown and open the door wide enough to see him fully. He has glossy dark hair brushing his forehead, and mysterious dark eyes staring into the distance. He wears a suit, smart and black. Nothing like me, Fair hair in long waves and large sky blue eyes. I cough slightly, making him jump. "June Ford?" he stutters, I blush slightly. "Yes? Who are you?" I stumble on my words. He pushes the door further so we can both see each other clearly. "I am Jasper Evander, may I come in, June?"


I step sideways so he can come in. Jasper strides inside and sits down on the sofa, looking very serious. I quickly sat down on the sofa opposite him, slightly worried.

Jasper stared into my eyes. "June, do you trust me?" I pause slightly. "Umm, yeah." I say starting to worry. "Well June, you are very special, you shall go on wild adventures, but first, what is your most desired dream?" I think about it. There are lots of things I dream about. "That me and Dad had enough money to afford everything we need to survive, we are barely scraping by now." I finally decide. "That can happen, all you need to do is light a fire tonight at midnight, the flames will tell you what you need to know." I thought he was joking but he looked deadly serious, so I laugh nervously. "Ok, thank you Jasper." I whisper. He smiles a dazzling smile and stands up. "I have to go now." He mumbles and leaves the room, closing the front door behind him. I sigh.


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