The Day the Comet Came

Two rival gangs of children rule a council estate. Within the Starlit Vampire Parade camp, Eve holds a secret love for her best friend and co-leader of the group, Raven, but unfortunately he is already taken.
But what does any of this really matter when the world is about to end in a matter of weeks?


1. Business Begins

Seven chimes. The large clock tower in the centre of the smart town chimes out seven. The ringing circles beam out across the distinct districts. In the stately, older houses nearest the centre, intellectual couples play chess whilst the well brought-up, younger members of the household quietly flip through the classics. As the sound passes over the suburbs, parents prepare that night’s dinner in their fitted kitchens whilst their children flip through the TV channels. By the time the rings have spread to the very outskirts, the place where no-one really wants to be, the chimes are barely audible. In the council estate, rituals are taking place.

         Inside the musty houses with the untended patches of grass that constitute gardens, the children prepare for the night’s business. After their hastily swallowed sandwiches and crisps, they rip off their soiled school shirts and pull on their respective uniforms. The children who long for fame, money and popularity at school slip into baggy tracksuits. With gold hair dye, they carefully paint in the temporary streak that denotes their membership of the Goldrat group. In other houses, the children who are content to be different and find consolation in darkness and monsters pull on their skinny jeans and black shirts. The black star drawn with eyeliner on their pale right cheeks marks them out as belonging to the Starlit Vampire Parade. Parents yell unheeded curfews over the blare of TVs as the children break out of their claustrophobic houses and into the world of gangs.

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