Who Knew it Could Happen to Me?

Isabella (iizzii) is a 17 yr old Foster Child, or was until her dad decides he wants her to come back and live with him, since he is back on his feet. What will happen when she decides she can't trust him again and walks out.

(Not based on fact because i have made Eleanor younger and I have given her a sister so yea don't hate I know all the facts and that these a wrong but its fan fiction so not everything is based on fact)


1. Prolouge

My names Isabella but I prefer iizzii im 17 blonde straight hair and deep sea blue eyes, average height, quite skinny and pale skinned. My mum died at during my birth and my dad well I can hardly call him that since he only looked after me til the age of 4. We where living off of government funds in a run down old house. He took up drinking and smoking when I was young and one day he left me at home as usual to go down to the pub and never came back. Soon enough someone called the police when they heard my cries coming from my house and a Social worker was sent over. Now im a foster child, and life well lets just says im not the luckiest person in the world. I move nearly every year and half the time im only fostered by parents who work and need a babysitter but don't wanna pay for one. My education is down the drain cause I can't keep up with work and then move then start again and move so im not good at anything, well except instruments Im self-taught on guitar, piano/keyboard cause when you don't have anything else music is pretty much the only thing to fall back on. I have had a foster mother when I was a bit younger about 5 who was a musician and helped me with writing my own songs but I learn't the ropes for actually playing at an earlier age. Right now im leaving with a lady named Mary and her two twin sons Jake and Jason there little devils but Mary is nice but nothing last forever and my social worker has been calling a lot lately meaning im moving again.


I was sitting in my room with my keyboard next to me as I scribbled out note after note. Ive been trying to write a song but nothing seemed to be working and it was killing me, just as I went to test the song from the start my phone buzzed next to me I didn't bother checking the ID I just answered it,

*On Phone*

Me: Hello?

....: Isabella, Im afraid I  have some good news and bad news but Im not sure if you will like either of them.

Me: Oh hey Vicky, Please don't tell me Im moving again? I literally just started to feel comfortable.

Vicky: I know I know but after this one you won't have to move again.

Me: What I got adopted!!

Vicky: Not exactly your Dad wants you to move back with him and he is alcohol and cigarette free for a year now and has another daughter who is about your age

Me: Wait hold up!! How is that possible he wasn't... That bastard he got some chick pregnant and then left me and he expects me to move back with him.

Vicky: Actually iizzii you have to he won the court over he is free of alcohol and cigarettes with a good job and nice house which mans he is now your legal guardian, he has bought you first class airplane tickets for tonight.

Me: What?? Im not moving Im staying right here in Queensland.

Vicky: iizzii you have to and well I forgot to tell you he lives in Manchester, England with his daughter Eleanor. So start packing and once you are on that plane Im no longer you Social Worker so I hope you have a good flight and good luck. Good Bye Isabella

Me: What Vicky? Wait-

*Off Phone*

And with that and if you haven't guessed it yet Vicky is my Social Worker and pretty much my only friend, I can't believe this I have to move back in with my dad leave Mary the nicest foster mum I have ever had and now I won't have Vicky to call if I need help or just someone to talk to. Just as I pulled my suitcase out from under my bed Mary came through the door,

"Hey hun, guess you heard the news huh?" She asked leaning on the door frame,

"You knew all along and didnt tell me?" I said turning to her my eyes watery ad well as her,

"Well it was confirmed but Vicky told me not to tell you" I said looking to the floor,

"I don't get why I have to go back to him, he wasnt bothered to take care of me when I was younger instead he took off with his other kid" I said turning around continuing to shove my clothes in my bag,

"Dont be so harsh you don't know he could have changed, but the boys and I didnt want you to forget us so I got you this" She said holding at a sterling silver heart picture locket necklace on one side a picture of her and on the other side the cutest picture of the twins I have ever seen, surprisingly they didn't look like such devils,

"Mary, you didn't have to there was no way I was ever gonna forgot you or the boys even though they are pains, they are the cutest things ever and the closet thing to a real family I have ever had." I said standing taking the locket from her hand and holding it in my palm as I hugged her.

"Well your flight is in 5 hours and you need to pack anything big just tell me and Ill have it sent over but right now get your guitar, keyboard, clothes, phone and laptop, ok" she said pulling away form the hug,

"Ok, and thank you again the locket is beautifully engraved and everything" I said placing it around my neck. She left the room leaving me to pack my stuff. Like she said I packed all my clothes, put my keyboard and guitar in there hard case so they wouldnt get ruined on the plane and grabbed my lonsdale bag packing a book, my song writing book, my iphone, and my laptop. After I finished packing all my stuff there was only 2 and a half hours left til my flight and we had to get there an hour early to check in so I jumped into the shower. After getting out I jumped into some black full length leggings with a cream Long sleeve open crew neck cable knit jumper Jumper and with matching coloured Ugg Lattice Cardy boots and a white slouchy beanie with a loose hand knit and I ended up leaving my hair out. I always like being comfortable when on a plane so I dont go into the whole shorts thing. By the time I was dressed, packed my stuff into the car and said my good byes it was time for me to leave.


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