"Forever With You"

When 5 best friends start their third year in an all girls school, news is that they're combining the all girls school and all boys school together. When Isabella bumps into a guy she doesn't know, they experience a 'love at first sight'. What will their love lead them to?Will their love last?


7. Hurt


Liams POV

I was walking down the street to my house after Isabella left. It took me about 5-10 minutes to walk to my house. My trainers were clenching against the concrete sidewalk as I slowly lifted and dropped my feet, alternating my feet.

left, right, left, right, is what I said to myself. Being realy focused in these thoughts, I almost skipped my house. Luckily I noticed and didn't pass it. I rung the doorbell even though I had a key with me. I stood there biting on my lip, while playing around with me feet. No answer.

I rung the doorbell again. I could hear the sound of the bell travel throughout the silenced house. Still no answer.

This got me pretty worried. I hurried to get the key out of my pocket. Reaching through my pockets, I quickly snatched the key with my other hand, putting it into the lock and turning it as fast as I could. I rushed in and found nothing. Nothing at all. That was the problem. Where was mom and dad...

I skimmed through the house checking every corner to see if they left a note. Nothing.

They would usually tell me before going somewhere, and tell me when they'll be back, stay safe and that the foods in the fridge and all. Even in short notices. If they had to go to somewhere urgently, they would still tell me. But what happened today. I guess they probably thought I was gonna be at Isabella's house for the majority of the day.

So I just relaxed myself a little. I went back and took off my trainers and put them on the shoe rack, leaving me with white socks. I decided to eat something, since I only had some coffee and a muffin at Isabella's house for breakfast. By now it was 1 o'clock. I dashed over to the fridge like a little kid would, when they got a new toy. 

I took bread, lettuce, mayonaisse and tomatoes to make a sandwhich.


Now I was getting worried. It was soon to turn 7 pm and still no sign of my parents. Where could they be. They would have told me where they were. I'm starting to get very concerned. I called them a few times before but it said that they were busy, and to just leave a voicemail. I left a few, every time I called.

I decided that I should maybe call again. Better to try, than wait.


It was ringing and then as I was most likely expecting the voicemail to come on again, but someone had picked up this time.

"it's gonna be fine"

"hurry up and get them inside"

"they're losing blood fast"

With these words, my heart sunk. A lump was slowly rising in my throat as I tried my best to hold back my tears. It didn't work. I was already crying silently, with tears dropping down my face leaving stains. It slowly travelled down my cheeks and onto my lips leaving a salty taste.

"h-hello" I tried to speak, as my voice cracked with just one word.

"hi there. I am a doctor and I'm guessing you're Mr. and Mrs. Payne's son. They're in the hospital and are losing blood. They got into a terrible accident with a truck on their way back home. I suggest you come back down to the hospital as soon as possible."

After these words had left the doctors mouth, I stayed silent and took in what he had just said to me. Is this true. This can't be right. 

I can't go there by myself. It's too much to handle. So without further a do, I ringed Isabella and told her everything.

Isabella's POV

I couldn't believe what I had just heard. Liam's parents. I feel terrible. So I hurried out the front door, grabbing my varsity jacket and putting on flats. I ran to Liam's house and found him sitting on his porch. His head was buried into his knees as he was crying. His eyes were getting red and the tears stained his cheeks.

"I-Izzy" he managed to speak in between his crying.

"yes Li" I replied as I slowly felt my eyes watering up again and tears stremed down my face.

"Why" is all he said.

I didn't know what to say. I went up to him and hugged him. He started getting up and picked me up. He led me to the car, and we drove off without a single word being said.


Liam drove over the speed limit. I didn't tell him to slow down at all. I knew how he felt. We pulled up into the hospital parking and ran inside.

On our way here, we managed to stop crying a little, but our voices were still cracky and unstable.

"Mr. and Mrs. Payne" Liam asked. The nurse shwed sympathy and led us down the hallway. We were taken up the lift to the second floor, and down the hall. There we found ourselves standing infront of room 264. I couldn't help but to cry when I saw Liam's parents. Since we couldn't go inside, Me and Liam stood outside looking through the window.

They had all sorts of machines hooked up to them, and they were bandaged in many places. They had oxygen masks on, and even had casts on either their hand or leg.

I thought to myself for a while as I watched them. They were so happy and couldn't even ahrm the smallest of things, and there they are, laying in the hospital beds all bandaged up. I mean, they don't deserve this at all. Thinking and looking at them cry even more. Liam managed not to cry too much, but I was balling my eyes with tears. Liam saw me and hugged me. I rested my head on his chest and and let tears stream down my face. I cried into his shirt and his shirt got darker on the spots tears had managed to escape. Why did this happen. I have only known them for less than a month and yet, I feel so close with them.

"why Liam, why" I cried into his chest.

"shh, Izzy, everything's gonna be alright" he said.

"no, it's not. I mean just look at them. Why them" I cried even more.

"just believe in yourself and everything will be okay in no time, love" he hushed.


It's been half an hour and I finally stopped crying. Me and Liam were sitting in the waiting room, cuddled with one another.

"Liam" I whispered.

"Yeah Izzy" he replied.

"W-What about you know' I asked him.

"I'll be fine, I mean-" I cut him off.

"No. I don't want you to be alone Liam" I added.


"no buts Li. Come stay with me, yeah? I already told my parents and they're more than happy to have you stay at my house. And I won't take no for an answer" I sadly exclaimed.

"How do I re-pay you. I mean, you're so swwet and kind. I don't know what I would do if I haden't met you Izzy" he whispered with feelings.

"It's okay Liam. No need to re-pay me. I don't want anything. I promise" I said.

"What if something happens and-"

"don't worry Liam. I will be there for you, every step of the way. I promise"

"Promise" Liam asked.

"I Promise" I now pulled him into a hug. We soon left the waiting room to go to a near by cafe, and just refresh ourselves.


so I hope you like this part!

and Enjoy!


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