One Direction Facts

Random facts about One Direction and the members!!!


1. One Direction

1.One Direction will be in the 2012 record books for the most pre-orders in Sonys' history

2.One Direction raised $2.4million(Canadain) for chairity

3.Justin Beibers show in New York sold out in 12 minuates, but One Directions ENTIRE Amercain tour sold out in 17 seconds

4.One Direction is curruntly working on their second album, and is rumored to have co-written with Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs, and other British artists.

5.One Direction would cost you $21,000 to rent for one night

6.One Direction is worth aprox. $50million and by next year aprox. $100million

7.One Direction was rated the 18th biggest band of all time.

8.One Direction has been called "The Beatles of today" by many sources

9.When fans wait outside overnight, the boy may bring blankets and chips

10.One Direction has code words for when they meet fans,so they can talk about them without them knowing

11.When talking about their ideal Christmas gift, they talked about things aged for 4 and up

12.One Direction are predicted to be the biggest boyband in history

13.After showing WMYB on Nick., it gain 5 million views overall

14.They all said that they would love to have a Tumblr girlfriend

15.They celebrated winning a brit by eating at McDoanalds

16.One Direction came 3rd on the Xfactor


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