This Summer

This story is about 2 normal girls who end up getting "kidnapped" by One Direction! It actually seems like a dream come true but, all thing must come to a end, right?

We would just like to say that nothing in this story is true except are names.


1. The Normal Life

Ammarah was just a normal 17 year old, she had her ups and downs but, she always had her 2 best friends, (Arianna and Irum) there for her. She used to have her dad there to help her too but, he died 3 years ago in a awful car crash. Since the accident her brother has been getting in fights and her sister has had a eating disorder. Her mom didn't really seem to understand her so she was always her last resort when looking for advice. She went to a high school with Arianna. They didn't have any of the same classes but, that didnt stop them from finding ways to talk even if it meant talking in there so called bathrooms, or faking a stomach ache with the rude nurse but, you can't really blame her the kids in this school are monsters! Every day as soon as they got home from school they would talk for hours to Arianna's alcoholic mother would come home from partying. Then, Arianna and Ammarah would both get on the computer and talk to Irum and that was a normal day for Arianna and Ammarah except for on Saturdays and Sundays, those were the days they would go do something together usually with Irum sometimes it was the mall, or the movie theater, or a carnival. That is how it has been for the 3 best friends for about a decade.
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