the bad egg

friend. noun.
a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection

It wasn't my case. Whether my "friend" liked me or not, liking her back was not my best idea.


1. New Girl

   She sat alone. Nibbling at what were once nails and now just messy red stumps. It was registration. Nobody had attempted to speak to her yet. She was new, and most people were waiting for our form tutor to come in and tell us who she was and where she comes from. It would at least give us some conversation starters, not many but more than 'Hi, who are you?'

  She looked quite pretty. Ringlets of auburn curls fell around her face and she had shining green eyes.I wondered which group she would go to. At first I thought the populars in the middle table, but she wasn't wearing much make up, and that seems to be a main key to popularity. That left the sporty girls, the loner, Jean, and us. Unless she went with the boys; I'm sure they'd be just thrilled.

 "Do you think she'll go with, them?" it was Holly, obviously having the same thoughts as me.

 "Nah, she doesn't seem as," I tried to think of the right word.

 "Orange?" suggested Vi. "Scary? Loud?"

 "Although those suggestions wouldn't be said to their faces," said Holly, "I think you're right. They wouldn't accept her."

 "Well, I'm sure Jean would be grateful of a friend."

 "Don't be so mean Vi."

 "Oh, come on, you were thinking it too Holly. Admit it."

 "Guys, shut up! Look she's talking to Miss Smith."

 Miss Smith was handing her the stack of papers, homework diary and yellow map we were issued with when we started school. She was talking her through some of it, the new girl looked confused, her bitten fingers clutching the papers tightly. Now, Miss Smith was pointing in our direction, I could see her mouthing our names. I looked at Holly and Vi. Holly was looking nervously at me and Vi was waving at the girl. "Vi! What are you waving for you muppet? Now they know we were staring." Vi shrugs at me and then shouts "Hi!"

Miss Smith gets up from her chair and says something to the girl. The girl nods and they both start heading towards our table. I raise my eyebrows at Vi. And then I understand why they were pointing - we had been allocated as her "friends".


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