Book Recommendations!

This is your guide for finding good books to read! I will update as often as I can and hope you will be able to find these books and read them! Happy Reading (of my Movella and the books I recommend!)


1. Sparrow - Michael Morpurgo

Sparrow, the true story of Joan of Arc is written by world-wide known author Michael Morpurgo. I picked this book up whilst visiting my local library. So I don't actually own it myself. I am a Michael Morpugo fan and have read many of his books. I found this one particulary interesting as I had never really known about Joan of Arc before. It is a twist on the true tale of Joan of Arc. To be perfectly honest I only picked it up because of the name of the author and the captivating front cover (see link below).

What actually happens: It is told from the pint of view of a  girl called Eloise who is basically Joan of Arc's biggest fan, she has a wonderful portrait of her the author describes in the book. Every year there is a parade in Orleans (did I forget to mention this book is set in France and uses some french words in it!) and one school is chosen to pick a Joan of Arc. Eloise obviously enters and has a strange feeling she's won. She would as she wrote the best essay and interviewed well. But unfortunately she wasn't allowed the part because she wasn't born in Orleans! Outrageous. The part of Joan is then given to her best friend! Typical! The next day Eloise (I was about to say Joan then LOL!) ditches school and has a dream. The dream is the story of Joan of Arc. I won't tell you any more as I have already given quite a lot away! Hehe! I have to say there is 11 chapters and only 3-4 were about Eloise, it is mainly the thrilling story of Joan!

I promise you won't be able to put it down, I know I couldn't! It took me only about four days to read this book as the font was quite large and there were large spaces between the lines!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my first recommendation and by that I meant you enjoyed reading this. Not the book I just recommended! Hehe! I confuse myself sometimes.

Here is the blurb: There was only one creature on this earth who really knew Joan. He was a sparrow, just an ordinary sparrow...

He was her best friend on this earth,

maybe her only friend too.

A young girl faces an impossible task, to save her beloved France from tyrants.

To free her country, Joan will lose everything she ever loved. But she listens to her heart (*EDIT: also her 'voices'*) and believes in her calling.

Many years later, a girl called Eloise has a very special dream about her heroine, Joan of Arc.

Here is a link to a picture of the front cover:

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