Up all Summer

Trying to get away from dreary England for a winter, Liz heads back home to Australia. She has dragged her friend Kate who is more excited about the five certain British boys in their hotel than the fact that the sun is shining and surfs up. Liz's first night goes terribly but will Harry be the one to make her Summer holidays go a little better??


1. First Wave

"Really?" I turned to Kate in awe. 
"Deadset!! Some girl said that they were all here!! Is it weird to be eighteen and still fangirl?" 
"A little," I laughed. 

So, One Direction, in our hotel. I had to admit that I was a massive fan. Denying that would be like denying that fish swim. I smiled at a thought that I had always had, where Harry would meet and fall madly in love. It was my head playing tricks on me, I knew it. 

Kate waved a hand in front of my face, "Liz?? Liz?!!"
"What?" I turned to her, breaking out of my reverie. 
"You left me for a second there." 
"Oh, anyway, I'm back home for a couple of weeks and I still have to teach you how to surf. Australia is known for that, isn't it?" 

We had come over for the summer, winter back in England. I was also here to see my family. I only missed the constant sunny weather in Australia. Even when it was cold, it was the perfect tanning sun. 

We both ran down to the beach, my blonde hair and her red hair flowing out behind us. We both sported similar bikinis, hers yellow, mine red, and we both had a RayBan sunnies covering our eyes. There were girls walking along the beach that were obviously younger than us and I couldn't help but laugh at how they were talking. 
"So, he like totally called me last night and told me that he was dating this other girl, and I was like, why the eff would I care? And he goes, well I still want you." 
They sounded like people off of 'The Shire'. 

As I laid my towel on the beach and sat I saw a few figures headed down from the hotel. A girl screamed and suddenly the figures were swarmed with girls. 
I shook my head, "You'd think these girls would give them a little break." 
"They are on Bondi. It's called Bondi, right?" She laughed. 
"It's Bondye, not Bondee. You are so British."
We both laughed as the mob of teenagers moved past us. 
"I suppose it is a famous Aussie beach but it doesn't mean that the fangirls should swarm here." 

The mob stopped and a few boys broke out and sat on the sand. They were talking to the girls but looked exasperated. 
"Please girls," I heard curly-haired Harry say, "We are basically here for relaxation and you guys are making it difficult." 
Liam looked down, clearly upset by Harry having to say this. Niall was with them and just looked tired as he laid on the sand and closed his eyes. Most of the girls spread, watching them from afar. We had a perfect spot, just behind where they had sat. I watched as they went down to the water and made themselves look like British models. 

"Liz? You're doing it again," groaned Kate. 
"What?" I blinked, "Sorry." 
"Let's go swimming," she laughed dragging me to my feet. I threw my thongs onto my towel and ran down to the water. Niall pointed and Harry spun as I practically dived into the water. Kate was almost at the edge of the waves, complaining that the water was cold. I laughed and, with dripping hair, went and dragged her in. 
Harry was still staring as we moved out into the ocean. 
"He's staring at you," Kate whispered into my ear, "Probably cause you look like someone of Baywatch." 
"What?" I laughed loudly. 

It was then that Harry made his advance on me. 
"Hello," he smiled, as a wave almost tumbled him. 
"Hey," smiled Kate, seedily. 
"Harry," he held his hand towards me, not taking notice of Kate's gesture that she was gonna go back up. It tried to make her stay but she wouldn't. 
"Elizabeth," I shook his hand, "Liz for short." 
"You're staying in the same hotel as us right?" 
I was so awkward when it came to talking to boys. 
A wave hit us and I went over whilst Harry got toppled over. I laughed. 
"Hey," he smiled. Liam and Niall were doubled over laughing on the beach. 
"Anyway," I smiled, edging out of the water, "I'm going to shower cause I'm going out tonight."
"Where too?" 
"Places," I smiled and headed back up to the beach. 

"Spill," said Kate, wide-eyed as we made our way inside the hotel.  
"Nothing to spill about cause I'm awkward and I don't know," I frowned. 
"Awkward?" She raised and eyebrow, "You do realise that you were the hottest and nicest girl on that beach." 
I rolled my eyes and made my way into our room. 
"Not to mention, they were all like twelve." 
"I don't care," I laughed, "Let's go party!" 

That night, we found a bar nearby and headed in. It was busy and we found a table and sat. The boots I wore were starting to hurt my feet. The dress that I wore was short and a deep purple colour. My hair was in curls down my back and my brown eyes were illuminated with black eyeshadow and liner. 
That was all I remember of the night. 
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