The Perfect Summer

Zara has spent the summer in her home country Malibu with the guy she met. Zayn Malik. Their summer was perfect until Zayn has o go back to the UK to make more music. Luckily Zara has managed to get flights to the UK. But when she sees Zayn on sage with the boy band One Direction, who knows what will happen. A story to make you love.


1. The Perfect Summer

We sat watching the sea roll in and out of the bay for the final time. Tomorrow Zayn would be going back home to the UK. I looked up at him and he looked down at me we sit together for hours. I trace his tattoes on his arm as the sun is dying in front of us. Eventually we have to stand up and say our goodbyes. I look at him, my big hazel soulful eyes welling with silver tears. I can't let him see me cry. We embrace and kiss in the soft light of the sunset. It's the perfect scene for any lovers. Yet I know this will be the last time I see my beautiful Zayn. He is wonderful. We've spent every day of this summer together after we met in the 80's Disco bar. It was the time my life changed for the better. Maybe I will see my beloved Zayn again. But I don't think so. I lean my brown head against his naked shoulder. His head lightly resting on mine. I let my arms wrap around his body in a final act of love. He kisses my head and let's go. Knowing it's time we said goodbye. I looked at him finally in his sweet eyes. We turn around and walk in our separate directions. I can't turn around for fear he might see me crying. I can't do that.
Finally I come to the steps of our house. I twist the key forcefully in the lock and clamber inside. I trudge unwillingly up the old wooden steps and make my way into my bedroom. I lay on my dusty pink covers, not even bothering to remove my bright yellow sundress and put on my pyjamas.
That night, I cried myself to sleep.
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