<3 i think i like you <3

after moving to Australia Abbies new bestfriends are the members of the Janoskians. Soon she starts to go out with one of them.


1. the day i met you


I’d always wanted to go to Australia, ever since I was little.

I had begged and begged for my parents to take me there on holiday, but there was always something stopping us.   “It’s too expensive.”   “I can’t get time off work.”     “All the hotels are full.”  

But now, finally, I was going to Australia. Not for a fucking holiday. I was going to live there. Why did stuff like this always happen to me? I didn’t want to live there, I just wanted to  cuddle a few koalas and meet new people. Instead, my dad had decided to take a job over there, which meant my whole family had to move to the other side of the world, away from everything I loved.    

I had to leave everything I knew behind. My school, my friends, my pets. That’s right; my parents had decided it would cost too much to take my dog with us to Australia, so we’d left him with our Grannie. I’d honestly never cried as much as I did on the day we left.   And now I was standing in line, waiting to board a plane where I’d have to sit next to a bunch of strangers I’d never met because my family hadn’t even bothered to book reserved seats.  

Suddenly the plane doors opened, and everyone started filing in. I was glad to finally sit down. My seat was right at the back of the plane, and there was only one other seat with it.  

“Please don’t let it be a fat old perve who has that seat,” I thought to myself.   I placed my hand luggage in the compartments above me and settled down in my seat with my iPod. The seat next to me was still empty, and I was wondering what was taking this passenger so long.

Everyone else had managed to board on time, so why couldn’t they?   Suddenly there was a loud chorus of shouts and laughs and 5 teenage boys boarded the plane. I had to admit, they were pretty good looking. They walked down the aisle, each leaving the group one by one to take their seats.  

One of them carried on walking, right down the aisle, until he was standing next to me. He shoved his luggage in the overhead holdalls and sat down next to me, flashing me a smile.  

“I’m Jai,” he said, holding out his hand for me to shake. I noticed an Australian accent.   I took his hand and shook it.

  “Abbie.” I replied.

  “Abbie....” he said to himself. “I like it.”

  “Thanks.” I smiled at him. Things were already starting to look up, and we weren’t even in Australia yet.   

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