Save Me

It all started with a game of bloody Mary.....


1. bloody mary

"Jamie, come on." Monica, my best friend, pleaded. She yanked on the sleeve of my orange hoodie, trying to pull me up but I grabbed hold onto the headboard of my bed so it was impossible for her to. After a while, she finally gave up. She huffed and angrily crossed her arms over her chest. 

"You're such a pussycat." She rolled her eyes. I gasped, oh this bitch didn't just called me that. I released my tight grip on the headboard and stomped over to her, she smirked.

"Monica, you did not just call m-" I was cut off by her grabbing my arm and pulling me out of my bedroom. Suddenly, it all hit me like a lighting strike, she was just trying to get me pissed so that I could get of my bed. I groaned, am I really this stupid enough to not know this. "I hate you." I huffed.

"Come on Jamie, it's just a game." She said, as if it was no big deal. 

"A game? Oh please, Bloody Mary is more than just a game." I retorted. 

"Don't worry, my brother will be there to protect you." She winked. I groaned, out of all the people she must mention him. She has been teasing me since the day my stupid big mouth told her that I have a huge crush on her brother, which I'd like to mention that he's one of the member of the famous boy band. 

"Niall? Seriously?" I rolled my eyes. Monica nudged me.

We finally came round her enormous house and stopped in front of an unknown room. Monica had once told me that this room hasn't been use for years, not after there was a rumor saying someone had died in there. It was creepy, plus the whole room have no furniture at all, other than the old mirror at the corner. Monica opened the door and we walked in together. 

"So, where's your brother?" I asked whilst looking around the old, damp room.

 "He's popping popcorn downstairs." She simply said. I gave her a 'what the fuck' look but she just shrugged her shoulder. Typical Niall. 

A minute later, the room door opened to revealed Niall, along with his best buddies Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn. The boys walked in, looking around the room. I crossed my arms as Niall stood beside me, with a bowl full of popcorn. At this point in time, I still can't believe he have the appetite to eat. Oh, who am I kidding, he's Niall. 

"So, can we start this game now?" Harry asked.

"We will, after Niall put down that bowl." Monica said. I could see at the corner of my eyes that Niall's face is turning a light shade of pink. Aw, he's blushing. I laughed and lightly pinched his adorable cheek, gaining a nudge from Monica. Niall's face turned even redder 

"Um, are we here to watch Niall and Jamie flirting or?" Liam raised his brow. 

"Oh Liam, let the children have their space." Louis teased, followed by a funny winked. 

I laughed and playfully slapped his arm. 

"Okay, let's start NOW." Zayn said, impatient in his voice. 

We all put on our serious face and made our way towards the mirror, which is located at the far left corner of the room. We took an awkward walk over and stood in front of the mirror. Somehow, the candles that stood on the mirror board were already lighted.

"Who's gonna sit over there?" Louis asked, pointing to the wooden chair in front of the mirror. We all looked at each other before Monica raised up her hand. I gave her a 'no way' look but she just shrugged and took a seat on the chair. We quickly position ourselves behind her, from right to left, the position went like this; Louis, Harry, Niall, Me, Liam and Zayn. I stood right behind Monica. 

"Bloody Mary..." Monica started. "Bloody Mary.. Bloody Mary. Blood-" 

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind pushed open the translucent window, making the curtains flew up in a creepy way. I gulped down the huge lump that's forming in my throat, somehow I still had my eyes open to see any sign of bloody Mary, while everyone already had their eyes shut. I looked up and saw my reflection in the mirror. The weirdest thing is, it only had my reflection. Only me, no Monica, no Niall, no the others. It was only me. 

I felt hands crept up my shoulder and the next thing I knew, I was taken over by darkness..... 



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