In Love With A Pop-star

Adelaide was just a normal girl from Australia, not wanting any attention. One evening, as she is walking down the street to go home, she bumps into a familiar face, a huge pop-star, the most gorgeous boy she has ever seen, and falls in love with him. As she is thrown into the world of pop music, she realizes everything is not what it seems. Will she walk away from the boy she loves, or is their bond strong enough to withstand?...


1. Normal LIfe

Adelaide was no-one special in her mind. Just a nobody from the suburbs, trying to get past life without much attention. A straight A student and an amazing singer, she never believed she could go anywhere but Australia. She always wanted to live in London and be a famous singer, but that would never happen, she wasn't good enough. 

As she left school for that day, she smiled, she couldn't wait for the One Direction concert tomorrow night, she saved for five months for tickets. She said goodbye to her friends and started to walk home. When she got to her house, she paused. She didn't want to go home just yet. She kept walking until she got to the pier. Adelaide climbed up onto the rocks and took a deep breath, the sea breeze cool and refreshing. She took out her notebook and began to draw the sunset that was before her. The breath-taking pink sky against the calm dark blue waves. after two hours of peace and quiet, she realised it was getting dark. Her phone beeped violently as she picked it up and read the message. Her mum wanted her to come home. She sighed, "So much for alone time." She breathed.

As she started walking home, her head down, she sang some random song she heard on the radio quietly. She passed someone, not looking up, and bumped their shoulder. "Sorry." She mumbled. "You've got a lovely voice," an Irish voice said, "Do you take singing lessons?" She knew that voice. She whipped around, not believing that this was real. Standing right in front of her was Niall. From One Direction. Oh. My. God. "Oh! Uh, t-thank you. Hi." She said, smiling. This was insane. She looked around, nobody else was on the street, just her and Niall. His voice interrupted her thoughts. "What's your name?" He asked, grinning."Um, Adelaide... I think, I mean yeah it's Adelaide" She was going to faint, or die, or both. He laughed and she felt stupid. Suddenly, she remembered about her mum's text. She was going to kill her. "I'm sorry, I um, have to go." She said, not wanting to leave. As she turned to go, his hand grabbed her wrist. " Wait. Can I see you again?" he inquired. He looked nervous. "Um, sure." she said, thinking this must be a dream. she grabbed her notebook and ripped a page out. She wrote her name and number down then handed to him. "Sorry, I really have to go. Nice meeting you!" She exclaimed as she ran home. "Goodbye!" He yelled after her.

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