To Be, Or Not To Be?

Daphni leaving Derek at the alter, spreeing off with Harry to New York, everything seems perfect.. Right? Wrong. After a terrible accident occurs, Daphni gets put into the friend zone, but can she escape it like Harry did, or she is stuck there forever.


8. you sound familiar. (edited)

Okay guys, i actually edited this, like the changed the story line a little, i hope you like it, because i really didnt wanna go with the other story line, you'll understand once you read it. :) xox


Harrys Point Of View;

*2 and half weeks after the accident*

‘You can go home today Harry’ Angela greeted me as I woke bright and early. I saw Tayla slumped in a chair asleep in the corner. She must have stayed all night.

‘Has she been here all night?’ I asked Angela and she nodded politely before exiting the room. At least I knew we were emotionally stable, we just weren’t… romantically stable.

‘Morning’ Tayla yawned as Angela closed the door, quickly waking her.

‘Morning’ I smiled tapping the space next to me on the bed encouraging her to join me.

‘Your coming home today’ she squealed snuggling close to me.

‘I know’ I rested my chin on top of her gorgeous head as she buried herself deeper in my chest.

‘I’ve missed you Harry, so much’ she wept and I kissed her forehead gently.

‘I’ve missed you too’ I wrapped my embrace around her tighter and took in her scent. She always smelt beyond incredible.

‘Oh sorry’ Daphni awkwardly stumbled out of my room. I didn’t even see her walk in. As soon as Daphni spoke Taylas body tensed.

‘Are you alright?’ I asked as she fidgeted under my grip.

‘Yeah, course. I’ll be back’ She jumped off the bed and headed for the door, looking back at me admirably. How could we be in a rut? It felt so perfect.

Taylas point of view;

‘DAPH’ I called out to her but she refused to turn around. She was swiftly heading towards the exit; I could feel her pain, her suffering.

‘Daphni, just wait’ I was now pace fully jogging down the hospital hallways. She paused as she approached Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn walking through entry. Zayn had a hold of her, wrapping his arms around her quivering body.

‘Daphni…’ I let out a humble sigh. I couldn’t help it that Harry wanted to be with me. I hated it as much as she did. Harry and I, we just don’t work like Daphni and him did.

‘Its fine Tayla’ She mumbled as she untangled herself from Zayn, he still had his hand gripping her arm.

‘I don’t know what to say’ I placed my hands up to my face, tracing my worried frown lines. I may be in love with Harry and I may love his touch, his affection, but I know I didn’t deserve it.

‘I know I don’t deserve him, but I don’t want to take everything away from him… again’ I reached out to reassure her but Zayn defensively stood in front of her. Hang on, this was his idea…

‘Lets go see Harry Zayn’ Louis dragged him away and Niall and Liam followed closely behind.

‘Im sorry, I really am’ i was now pleading for her forgiveness.

‘Its fine, I understand. I don’t want to take anything away from him either, but you guys don’t realize your taking him away from me’ she lightly barged me, heading to Harrys room. I stood there for moment, thinking about my next move but nothing came to me. All I could think about was Harry, being in his arms, being able to the feel the warmth of his breath on my cheek, being able to smash my lips against his.

Daphnis Point Of View;

I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks, I tried to fight it, tried to hold them back but they refused to listen. I collapsed the floor, pressing my legs up against my chest. This was harder than I thought it would be.

‘Daph’ Zayn slid down the wall next to me. I rested my head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around me.

‘it’s just so hard…’ letting out a sigh I let myself move in closer towards him. My whole body shook, inside and out. I couldn’t take this anymore. I only just got Harry in my life, now I was loosing him.

‘I know, im sorry’ He was playing with the waves in my hair, resting his chin on my head.

‘I can’t go in there’ I gestured towards Harrys room as Tayla entered with only sympathy in her eyes. I know she felt terrible, but that still didn’t change the fact that Harry was my boyfriend, M I N E.

‘DAPH’ Harry stood at the entryway looking down on us. He was finally dressed out of that horrible dressing gown. He was wearing the same clothes he wore the day of the accident. As I looked him up and down memories came flooding back. Trish’s place, our first night together, waking up to see his dazzling face staring at mine, back when everything was so perfect.

‘What’s wrong?’ he looked worried, bending down to where Zayn and I sat.

‘Nothing, you look good’ I smiled wiping the tears away from my eyes.

‘Let me help you up’ Zayn offered his hand and I didn’t hesitate to grab it.

‘Oh gee thanks’ Harry twirled joking rolling his eyes.

‘He does, doesn’t he’ Tayla smirked as she linked her arm through his. My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach. I felt like I was going to be sick. The sight of them tore me apart. Zayns grip of my hand was the only thing keeping me stable.

‘You’re okay’ Zayn whispered in my ear, reassuring me. I kept my ground, trying to fight back the urge to take Harry and run.

‘Shall we go’ Harry insisted offering his hand to Tayla. ‘I’ll see you guys later’ We all walked him to the entry of the hospital after he signed a phew forms Angela left for him.

‘We will come over later’ Niall suggested and Liam nodded In agreement.

‘Yeah, Zayn and i, we will meet you there’ I spoke hastily, not thinking about my words.

‘Um What? ’ Louis stumbled on his words, trying to figure out here i was going with this. 

‘WE?’ Harry turned immediately and dropped Taylas hand.

‘Didnt the boys tell you, Zayn and i are together’ What was I saying.

‘WE'RE WHAT?’ Zayn had now raised his voice.

‘YOU AND ZAYN?’ Harry looked confused and hurt.

‘Yes, god guys’ I laughed weakly. I couldn’t believe what I was saying.

‘Alright, now everyone is on the same page?’ Liam stepped in trying to ease the awkward tension.

‘Yeah…’ everyone replied besides Harry. He stood there with an odd expression on his face. I couldn’t quite read it, but I think it was jealously.

Harrys Point Of View;

Zayn and Daphni. My two best friends together, i should be happy so why i was feeling envious. This weird hurt sitting in the pit of my stomach, Dapnhi reached over and tangled her fingers through Zayns. I felt like i was going to be physically sick, why was the sight of them upsetting me so much. 

'C'mon Harry, we better go' Tayla suggest, tugging on my shirt. 

'Yeah, lets do that' I agreed taking one last look at Daphni and Zayn before exiting the hospital. This was weird, wasnt it?


so the stuff in italic is the stuff edited, i hope you liked the new edit? Tell me your thoughts.

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