To Be, Or Not To Be?

Daphni leaving Derek at the alter, spreeing off with Harry to New York, everything seems perfect.. Right? Wrong. After a terrible accident occurs, Daphni gets put into the friend zone, but can she escape it like Harry did, or she is stuck there forever.


10. new couple.

& here is another update because im too kind. :) 


Harry's Point Of View;

'Harry, they will all be here soon' Tayla called from the kitchen, panic in her voice. 

I've never seen her worry so much about hosting a 'function'. From what i can remember, she is quite good at it. 

'THERE HERE' She called as i heard the chime of the door bell ring. 

'Hey Tayla' Daphni greeted her. Hearing Daphnis voice sent my stomach in knots, knots i couldnt explain. 

'Hi Tayla' Zayn slowly followed after Daphni and thats when i remembered. Daphni and Zayn were... together, a couple. 

'Hey guys, come on in' Tayla invited them into my home with ease, something i wish i had.

'Wheres Harry?' Daphni asked, my nerves skyrocketing. 

'Im here' I laughed, watching her immediately spin around at the sound of my voice. The accident must of really shook her, i've seen her look at me the way she was right now, with complete and utter desperation.   

'Oh hey' She smiled, Zayn swerving in and taking her hand in his. 

I've never seen Zayn like that before, he was being... protective? No, he was acting... jealous. 
Why would he be jealous of me, when he has her?

'Hey mate' He greeted me as i followed them into the living room. No sign of Louis, Eleanor, Liam or Danielle and Niall. 

'Where are the others?' I asked as i took a seat on the sofa, Daphni and Zayn sitting across from me. Zayns arm wrapped protectively around Daphni and i swear i could almost see her shudder. 

'So, how long has this-' I laughed, gesturing to the couple sitting before me.

'Oh, a month-' Daphni blushed, still looking uncomfortable in Zayns company. 

'A year-' Zayn's eyebrows creased, almost in sadness.

'Uhhh?' I laughed and Daphni cleared her throat. 

'A year and one month' She corrected and Zayn just scoffed. 

'Daph, can i grab some help in here?' Tayla called from kitchen and Daphni was up like lightning. 

'So, Daphni hey. Cant believe that would be something i would forget' I shook my head in annoyance, i hated i couldnt remember. 

'Yeah, me either' Zayn almost looked frustrated with me, like i had did something. 

'WE'RE HERE' Louis announced, letting himself in. He has, and always will do that. 

Daphnis point of view;

'A year? What was he thinking' I huffed as i entered the kitchen.

'I know, thats a little extreme' Tayla agreed with me, her smile only sincere. 

'Yup' I nodded, grabbing the plastic cups in my hands and turning towards the dining room. 

'Daph, wait' I felt someones pleading arm grab my wrist, tugging me towards them.

'Im sorry' She whispered, tears welling up in her eyes.

'Its not your fault, its fine' i reassured her, though it was lie. It was her fault. She could of said no, she could of said they weren't together, but here she is, organizing a party for MY boyfriend. 

'Its not yours either' she told me. 

'i know its not my fault' i mumbled, exiting the kitchen.  

I placed the cups on the wooden dinning room table, admiring my surroundings. On a near by self Harry had a picture, a picture of him and i, in New York from little over a month ago. I felt my chest tighten as i picked up the frame in my end, running my fingers over Harrys flawless face. That was mine, all mine and now its... 

'Thanks for your help Daph' hers. 

Zayns Point Of View;

'Hows Daphni doing?' Niall asked, concerned. 

'Speaking of Daphni' I whispered, hoping off of the couch and heading towards the dinning room. I walked in slowly, taking in my surroundings. It wasnt until i noticed the plastic cups sitting on the table, the figure standing closely beside it, that it was Daphni. 

'Hey Daph, everyone is here now' I told her, hoping to raise a smile on her face. I approached her carefully, giving her the space she clearly needed. 

'Its my life Zayn, its mine. SHE TOOK IT FROM ME' She wept, sliding towards the floor grasping a picture in her hands. 

'Daph' I sighed, taking my place next to her. I took the picture frame for her, only to find it was a picture of her and Harry, taken shortly before the accident. 

'His mine, MINE' Tears started to stream down her face at an unbelievable speed. Her breath was getting caught in her chest as she let out humble weeps. I wrapped my arms around her, letting her snuggle into my chest. 

'Its okay, Daphni. Im here' I assured her, stroking her long brown hair. Her sobs soaking the front of my t-shirt, my heart ached for her. Her touch began to sent a tingling sensation throughout my entire body, it was new, it was different, i couldnt explain it. 

Quickly i shook her off of me, jumping up from my position and taking the photo with me. 

'Just have a break, i'll see you in there' My voice sounding panicked and unsure. 

'Zayn, is everything okay?' She asked, her now the one with a concerned facial expression smothered across her face. 

'Yeah, its fine' I lied. It wasnt fine, i knew exactly what was happening and the hardened area in my pants was just the proof of that. 

I was starting to fall for Daphni... Hard. 



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