To Be, Or Not To Be?

Daphni leaving Derek at the alter, spreeing off with Harry to New York, everything seems perfect.. Right? Wrong. After a terrible accident occurs, Daphni gets put into the friend zone, but can she escape it like Harry did, or she is stuck there forever.


9. confusion all around.


HERE IS ANOTHER CHAPTER, & yes i know i've been so slack, and i'll try and keep updating but school is just, ew, ya know. Im sorry!!!! I hope you like it. 


Daphni's Point Of View;

What have i done? Why did i say that? 

'Daphni, what was that?' Lou asked in a worried tone.

'I dont know, i panicked, i wanted to see if i could get a reaction from him, and i did, it was little, but it was still something' i sighed reliving his jealous expression. I had made Harry remember, i just had too. 

'Daph, just give it time. He will remember' Zayn interrupted my thoughts, stroking my back lovingly. Lately Zayn has been different, been there for me at every single time i needed someone, every single time i needed Harry, Zayn was there, thats why i thought a relationship between Zayn and i would be believable. 

'Thanks' i turned around and wrapped my arms around him. Without hesitation he hugged me back, thats what i missed, someone that wouldnt hesitate to comfort me. I needed Harry. 

Harrys point of view; 

Finally, i was home. Tayla was still gripping my hand tightly as we entered my apartment, dropping my bags at the entry way. I went with my gut, slamming Tayla against the wall. 

'Harry, what are you doing?' She laughed as i placed her hands gently around my neck. 

'Just got with it' I encouraged, smashing my lips against hers. She opened her mouth allowing my tongue to slid inside, everything moving perfectly in-sync. She wrapped her legs around my waist as i picked her up, carrying her into the bedroom. 

In a rut, what was Louis going on about. 

She started to breath heavily as i ripped her shirt of hastily, she unbuckled my jeans, sliding them off my legs and throwing them on the floor. I tore of my shirt and her pants, kissing her neck softly, the goosebumps rising on hers and my own body. 

'Oh, i've missed you' She moaned as our bodies moved up and down together. 

'Tayla, i love you' those three words made her body tense, made her sigh deeply and tears run down her face. 

'Whats wrong?' i asked, rolling off of her and laying beside her.

'Nothing, nothings wrong' She tried to push herself back onto me but all i could think about was why was she crying. 

'Tayla, what is it?' i refused to continue, even though i wanted to, more than everything, until she told me. 

Taylas point of view;

I couldnt believe it. I was in bed, with Harry and i was crying. I was crying because i felt guilty. If Daphni knew what was going on, she would never forgive me. 

'i've just missed you and im tired' i lied. Though i did miss him, i wasnt tired. I wanted to do what we were doing more than anything, my whole body was yearning for more. 

'I love you' He whispered in my ear sending a tingling sensation down my entire spine. 

'I love you too' i replied, staring at the ceiling, thinking about Daphi.

Daphnis Point Of View; 

'I cant believe i told Harry that we were, ya know' I laughed, walking into my apartment as Zayn slowly followed.

'I know, believe me. Im as shocked as you. What were you thinking?' A tinge of anger was awakening in his voice and i shuddered. I didnt want to upset Zayn, i didnt want to make things uncomfortable. I just needed to see if Harry would react, it would be a good experiment.

'Im sorry, it will just be for a little while. I just want to see if his feelings for me still exist and jealously always works. Please, im begging for you to do this for me?' I kneeled down before him, clasping my hands together and pouting. 

'Are you serious right now? Daphni, i'd do anything for you. But this, this is asking to much and i dont know if im up for this' He sighed, running his fingers through his perfect deep black quiff.

'Please' I stood up, grasping his shoulders. 'I need you to do this for me, It wont be weird, i promise. It will just be like normal, we can just hang out and do our normal things, but when Harry is around... well..' I mumbled under my breath.

'I just dont want it to get weird between us?' Zayn sighed deeply. 

Weird between us? it would only get weird if one of us had feeling for each other? other wise its just a friend, helping another friend.

Zayns Point Of View;

'Zayn, its wont. Its just a friend, helping another friend'  She smirked, stepping closer towards me and battering her long eye lashes.

'Fine' I groaned and she leaped into my arms.

'THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU' She squealed in my ear, i felt her warmth breath on my neck which made the hairs on my neck stand up. I dont know what was happening, lately i've been feeling queasy around her, i've been noticing things i never noticed before. Like how her chocolate brown hair shaped her gorgeous face. 

GORGEOUS? no, she isnt gorgeous. Shes Daphni, my best mates girlfriend. 


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