In love with a group of 5

Maddie and Josie are big one direction fans. When they go to see a concert where they live they feel like the boys cant keep there eyes off them. So when they are one there way walking back home a black limo pulls up nect to them and the window rolls down. When they end up falling in love? Or possibaly splitting up the band?


1. The day of the concert


Josie grabs her phone as quick as she can and answers it. She is the only one awake in her house and knows who is calling.On the other end is her bestfriend maddie screaming.

"AAAAAAAAAAA, im so excited this is going to be the best day of our lives!!" said maddie excitedly.

"Maddie calm down the concert isn't for another 8 hours." says joise tiredly.

It had been hard to fall asleep the night before because of all the excitment. It was a cold day in london that day with a slight over cast, so the whole house felt cold.

"Well why arnt you excited? We have front row tickets and back stage passes and you will get to see niall!! Says maddie excitedly

"I am excited,its just.......i am excited its just after the concert,then its going to be sad because we wont get to see them again." says josie

"Just enjoy right now and the concert!! You never know.....maybe somthing good will happen while we are there." said maddie comfertingly "Now go eat and drink some coffee i will call you in a few hours when im on my way over!!"

(DING DONGGG) Went the door bell.

Joise rushed down the stairs almost tripping over her dog kevin who was laying right at the end of the stairs.She opens the door and standing there looking a bit pale from the weather is maddie. With dirty blonde hair all done up in beautiful curls,with her bangs pulled to the side with a white flower. Josie always felt a little bit weird next to maddie because of how naturally beautiful she was and how she wore everything perfect with just the right amount of sparkaling jewlery and the right amount of make up. But this is why she cam over so early was to help joise look her best.

"Ok we have to get you going!!" says maddie. "Have you already taken a shower?"

"Yes i have and blow dryed my hair and shaved and layed out my best/ cutest cloths for you to pic from......but you will probably find somthing else in my closet." says josie.

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