Why won´t you let me skate mom?!


1. Winter sucks!



It´s wednesday, it´s winter, and it´s cold! Why does winter even exist? Did god make winter so that he could teach people a lesson of what they had done over the summer? Or did he make it just to be annoying to humans? Winter is kind of like chewing gum, it´s amazing in the start, but then after a while it sucks! By the way, my name is Daniel and I LOVE to skate! Skating is my life! If I did not have my skateboard, I would probably just be a nerd in class with no sport skills at all. But luckily I skate, and if I did not skate I would probably not pass physical education. Because skating keeps me fit. But the thing that sucks about physical education is that we never get to skate! We always just play soccer or dodgeball or bad games like that.









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