Watch Out

Florence is just an ordinary girl- when she gets plucked from her ordinary life and spun into a mysterious world. Will she ever escape?


2. Reality

I forced my clammy eyes open. Daylight filtered through the crack in the curtain, illuminating my hand- which lay strewn on the cover. I smiled. I loved these mornings, where sunlight streamed and birds tweeted. My mind cast over the previous evening. My smile fell from my face abruptly, as I remembered my parents and the message. The huge burden that had been lifted and forgotten momentarily fell back onto my shoulders. I sighed, and closed my eyes, desperately searching for that fuzzy warm feeling of sleep- where my worries flittered away. But I couldn't reach it again.

I brushed one of my determined tears from my face, and pulled on my plain clothes. I shoved my tangly hair up into a pony tail, and fastened it with one of my black hair ties. I  washed my hair and brushed my teeth, and trudged downstairs. I found my Mum at the table, her tired face pale and drained. "Hey Florence, pass me the milk." She said, forcing her grumpy face into a slight smile. I sighed, and pushed the milk over to her. It slid across the table and slowed just infront of her. She thanked me and poured some over her muesli. I slid into the seat next to her, cupping my face in my two hands. I watched her eat. Her blonde hair fell around her face, and she was wearing a simple flowery top. Her eyes were wondering, as if she was deciding whether to say something to me. She turned to me, and whispered " I love you", gently touching my cheek. She kissed my forehead, and I felt the tears roll down my cheeks. She dropped her spoon, and grasped me into a hug. "Oh baby, don't cry, don't cry.." She whispered, repeating these words over and over. I leant back from her hug. It hurt too much.

I dashed into the toilet, and stood infront of the mirror. Tears rampaged down my cheeks now. I sighed. This was it. This was my life. My Mum in one room, my Dad in another. This was it.

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