A summer holiday with One Direction

For the One Direction contest....


1. One

Today is finally the last day of school, and where I live, everybody is excited. I live in Florida, and almost every one of my friends is going on vacation right after school gets out. Me on the other hand, i cant. I have been saving all of my money from my job, my allowence, and pocket change that i find around the house, just so i could afford a plane ticket to one of the most amazing places that i have ever wanted to go to. That place would be London.

I have dreamed of going ever since I saw this special on the discovery channel. I was just amazed at the bright lights, the architecture and the people. But, i had com eup $300 short of the amount needed to purchese a ticket. I finally graduated highschool and the thing that i had been looking forward to my whole highschool career was just out of my sight, because I was not able to afford it.

"DDDDDDDIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGG!!" The final bell had pulled me from my thoughts, and i sighed deeply. I had no reason to become excited like the other students. I slowly grabbed my back pack from behind my chair, and walked out the door, being the last one out of the class room. I did'nt even have one foot out of the door, when my best friend Morgan came speeding down the hallway at amazing speed. Her blonde curls bouncing with each step, and her bright blue eyes, filled with excitement.

"PAIGE!!!!!!" she screeched. She engulfed me in a gigantic hug, almost knocking me to the floor. I laughed at her as she was uncontrollably laughing. Her face was red, and she seemed excited for something. "MORGAN!!!" i screeched in her ear right back at her. She grabbed her ears and laughed at me. I giggled as i shook my head at her. "What do you have planned for summer?" she asked. She was practically jumping up and down as she was talking. "First, i thought I thought I told you - i dont have anything planned. I didnt have enough money remember? And second, CHILLLLL! Why are you so excited?"

I guess she couldnt hold it in any longer. She took ahold of a chunk of straight brunette hair, and pulled me close to her face. "I am going to tour the whole summer with my cousins band!!!" I am guessing that she did'nt want anyone to hear, because she whispered it in my ear. "That's awesome Morgan!" I gave her a huge hug, and we walked to my car.

"So, what is this bands name?" I asked her, while she was getting into the car in the driver side. "Well, they are quite popular, and they are European." "I still have no idea who you are talking about!" she laughed and shook her head. "ITS ONE DIRECTION YOU SILLY BILLY GOAT!" she screamed in my ear. My mouth made an 'O' shape, as she was still giggling.

"I have a question fo ryou Paige. And before i ask, i want to tell you that you are the best friend that anyone could ask for!" she started batting her eye lashes at me. Whenever she did that, it meant she wanted something. "Oh great... What is it now?" i asked rolling my eyes at her. "I was wonderng if maybe you wanted to go with me! I dont want to be the only girl on tour, and it would be amazing touring the world with my best friend all summer!" I was shocked. "Morgan - i - I dont know what to say! Of course I would love to go with you!" i was smiling like an idiot, when i noticed 3 big black SUVs parked outside of Morgans house. "Huh, i wonder who those people are.


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