Wild Wolf

Part teenager, part wolf and all free...


1. prolouge.

I'm sick of this place,with their painful tests and tripping wires.I'm sick to my core,I want somebody to get me out of here.I refuse to change,I cope with the pods,the heat,the electricution and bribery.


Wait,someone's comeing.....It's a boy?!?I have not seen him before,he's scared,I can smell it.

"Who are you?"It's the boy,is he asking me,he must be,I'm the only person in here.

"My name is Silverclaw,who are you boy?"I snarl the words,yet I don't know why.

"I'm Deuce and I'm going to help you be free."

He come's closer,I suddenly see a reaction of fear,I look in my waterbowl,I've changed.


He steps closer until he could almost touch my fur but then a echo of footsteps entered the room.....

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