Letters to Louis

'I am writing to Louis Tomlinson !!!!'

But what will happen this summer ???


1. Home

I went home and wrote a letter to Louis. I told him about my day and about how I had just finished for summer and how it was going to be a long 6 weeks of doing nothing.

I finished my letter and went to the post box to post it.  

I know its stupid that i write to him but it makes me feel happy thinking that he is down in London reading all about me and my life. 

My iPad starts flashing and since i broke my phone last week its all I've got at the mo. It was Cheri one of my besties. I accepted her Video Call.....

"Hey Blaze Brownie"

"Hey Beau Bakewell"

We have nicknames for each other that are to do with deserts.

"Ooh  Alexa ApplePie wants to join 2 ticks"

"Hiya Guys"

"Oh guys I've got to go sorry"

You leave the chat and sit on your bed when your cousin comes in with a gift. "Hey Beau just thought you might want a new phone" Tom said as he handed you a new iPhone. "OMG Tom your the best thanks!" you yell as you give him a huge hug; he chuckles and leaves to go watch TV. You continue to sit in your room listening to One Direction on reply!

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