2 Years and 51 Days

"I've waited for her 2 years and 51 days, and now that she's awake, she can't even remember me."
Alex has waited for his girlfriend Ida to wake up from a coma for 2 years and 51 days. But she can't remember him. He's willing to make her fall in love with him all over again in this tale of love and loyalty.
Told from the points of view of Ida and Alex. (Depending on the name in the chapter title)


1. Her blue, blue eyes - Alex

I can't even remember what colour her eyes are. I have visions of green, hazel and amber eyes in my head. But none of them seem right. They don't suit her. The one I love. People said I would move on, to another girl. But I haven't. I've sat by her bedside for 2 years and 51 days.

I love the way her soft, soft hair is layed out like a fan on the crisp white pillow. She looks beautiful when her eyes are closed. Yet even more beautiful when they're open. I long to see her eyes again. But what colour? They were the feature I loved best about her, after her hair. Her hair is wonderful. It's dark orange, dirty blonde, hazel. But all mottled together to look like a dying sunset. It makes my heart thud just to think about it. I look at her now.

I want to touch her cheek so badly. But I can't. We're not allowed to touch the patients in comas. And she's one of them. My heart aches when I sit so close to her. She's literally hanging on to life with a tiny thread that could break any second. It almost did break on the 42nd day. I remember it like yesterday. The day I could have lost my sweet baby Ida. I love her. I would give my life just to see her eyes flutter open and look at me.

Now I remember.

She has blue eyes.

Eyes so blue you could mistake them for sapphires, the sea, the sky. They aren't a piercing bright blue. No, they're a dark shade of blue. Like the midnight sky. I wish I could see them right now. I want to hug her. Tell her I love her. But there's hardly any chance she'll ever wake up. Not ever.

People say there's always hope. But there isn't. She's going to lay in that bed forever, whilst the doctors and nurses pump nutrients around her body. Her long lashes lay gently on her skin. It makes me want to cry. Her lips used to be a bright rosy red, but now they're a pale pink. Her cheeks always used to glow with warmth and laughter. But now they're grey. In fact nearly her whole body is grey. Her hand looks so tempting, I want to clasp it tight and never, ever let go. I have to leave her bedside now. Sit on the navy cushioned seat outside, because tears are pouring down my cheeks like a waterfall. I take out a piece of paper form my shirt pocket. I unfold it. It's a picture of me and her in the hammock in her garden. I love her smile, the ways her eyes twinkle, the way she rests her sunset head on my shoulder lightly. It makes me smile to think of her in that way. Then I remember, it's her 19th birthday.

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