Summer in England

Megan and Jessie had always dreamed of going to England since they were kids. They had always watched the X Factor looking for some people they would love to meet there. In 2010 they found One Direction. They loved the band and always supported them. In 2013 when they were in the 10th grade there parents decided it would be okay for them to go to England. What they didn't know was who they would meet when they got there.


11. Roaming England

There was a knock at our door and I looked at Jessie. She got up and answered the door.
"Hey Jessie." said Liam with a smile on his face.
"Hey Liam, come on in." she replied to him. He walked in and sat down on the bed. "So what are we doing today?"
"You told us to surprises you girls, didn't you?" he asked us.
"Well, this is true." I said.
"Yeah, so let's get going." he said. He helped me up and hugged me like we had been friends forever. It was so nice, I had only known him for one day and I got to hug the guys as much as I want. I know it sounds kinda weird, but I love it. These guys are my inspiration and, they act like we're best friends.
He pulled away and turned around. "Today's going to be amazing. You girls are going to love it! Louis dad and Niall's mum are taking your mum around town today. We are going off with Paul, hopefully no disguises for once!" he sighed.
I walked over to the door and Liam opened it for us. I saw Jessie blush, she had always liked him. "Thanks." I said then walked out the door. When he walked out I took the key out of my pocket and locked the door. We walked down the hall and hurried into the elevator. Everyone was in there already. I went and stood beside Niall and then Jessie stood on the other side of me, and Liam stood beside her.
Niall took my hand in his and I felt myself blush a little. I couldn't believe I was actually dating him. He was my inspiration and it made it all worth wild that he loved me. I wasn't just a fan to him.
People are always going to think I'm dating him just for the fame but, I'm not. I'm dating him because he loves me and I love him not for the fact that he's famous. It's the fact that he's sweet, nice, cute, amazing, and I could go on forever it seems.
We rode down the elevator silently till the 3rd floor when Paul spoke up. "Okay lads, I know you lads don't like disguises so, me and Lou came up with an idea for you all. Something that you would normally wear anyways. Beanies, how does that sound?"
"Perfect." said Harry.
"Okay." said Liam and Niall.
"It works." said Louis.
Zayn just kept quiet and took his and continued listening to his music. I wonder why he was so quiet. I mean you could tell he was shy before we even really knew him but, why isn't he warming up to us?
When we got to the bottom we saw Daniella, Eleanor and Perrie standing off to the side. Daniella walked up to Liam and Louis walked up to Eleanor. Perrie and Zayn just stood there. Niall Walked over to Zayn and I followed him.
"She's here." Niall whispered to Zayn.
"I know, I'm done with her though. I've told her so many times, she doesn't get it though." Zayn said kinda loudly, probably so that Perrie would hear him.
After that Perrie walked up to Zayn and shoved him. "Why are you here? Why haven't you replied to me?" she asked him.
"I told you that were done." he replied then walked away.
She went after him though. "What do you mean we're done?" she asked like an idiot.
"I broke up with you, why is this so new to you?" asked Zayn.
"You never broke up with me! I love you Zayn you wouldn't just dump me!" she yelled.
"But I did." he replied calmly.
She punched him and Paul saw it. "Don't start this with me." said Zayn.
"I'm not starting anything!" She screamed back. "You started it by doing this!"
He walked away ignoring her child like actions and she went after him again. Paul walked up to her and picked her up. "What do you thinking your doing to me?!" she screamed. He just kept on walking and put her out on the sidewalk. 
He walked back out and walked over to the desk. "She needs to band from here while we are here, understood?" he asked them. They nodded and looked out the front glass to get a good look at her.
Paul walked back over to us,"You lads ready?" we all nodded excitedly. "Okay lets get going then."
He walked out the door and held it open for us. He took a glance at Perrie and she started after Zayn again. He held we back with one arm then turned out and talked to her. She tried to punch Paul but, he didn't really care. He called the police and they were there in a minute or two. They took her in and it was pretty funny.
"Whose house are we going to first?" asked Paul.
"Paul!" Liam and Niall yelled at him.
"What?" he asked.
"You just have it away." said Niall.
"Oh yeah, they weren't supposed to know. Sorry." he replied.
"Well I guess Louis, he is the closest." said Liam.
Paul got in the van and drove us to Louis' house. It was amazing! I had always wanted to meet his family. His sisters and mom were amazing! Martin, Lottie's boyfriend was there and Louis messed around with him some. The twins were so funny! I was surprised how smart they were for 8 years old. Fizzy was quite at first but quickly warmed up to us. Jay was so funny, I would love to have we as a mom.
When we left Louis house it started pouring down on us again. We didn't really care though. We drove to the airport and Harry told us we were going to his home in Holmes Chapel next.
The view over Doncaster was once again amazing! It got even better over Holmes Chapel. I couldn't wait to see Harry's house though. People had always said it was amazing, even the boys.
When we got there Gemma was there and she greeted us. "Mum will be home soon Harry." she said as we stepped inside. 
"Okay." he replied.
She walked over to me and Niall and said,"So this is the new couple in the family?" she asked. I blushed and Niall let go of my hand.
"Gemma this is Megan." he said putting his arm around me.
"Well its nice to meet you Megan." she said and shook my hand.
"It's nice to meet you to Gemma." I said back.
She then walked over to Jessie,"And this must be Harry's new crush. Jessie right?" she asked. Jessie blushed and shook her head and extended her arm.
"Its nice to meet you Gemma." she said and Gemma shook her hand. Harry mom walked and and shook mine and Jessie's hands.
"Congratulations Niall, she's pretty." se whispered into Niall's ear. He blushed and walked over to the couch and turned around signalling for me to follow him. 
We spent the rest of the day at Harry's and then had to go and catch out flight back to Doncaster. Harry hugged his mom and sister and then walked out behind us.
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